Friday , June 9 2023

Morning hopes for a new NAFTA agreement next week


The Finance Ministry believes Bill Morney, the North American free trade deal, is expected to be signed next week and Canada will be able to sign a strict compliance with US tariffs.

In a speech delivered on Thursday, Morineo took up questions about trading from the business community.

"Of course, this situation has improved when we sign up for a new NAFTA, or if we sign a new NAFTA next week," Morneu said in a new United States-Mexican-Canadian agreement or USMCA.

In the event of ratification by the countries, the North American Free Trade Agreement has entered into an agreement on the Trade Pact. They come to an agreement signed on December 1 when they are assigned to serve in Mexico.

In a report to the Canadian Economic Club in Ottawa, Morneu said the government should still make a decision on signing a continental trade agreement if the US imports heavily aluminum and aluminum.

Morneu said that Canada is still trying to negotiate "unfair" American tariffs, but this issue is considered separately.

"Our approach is to ensure that we have a stable and reliable business sector for investment, so we need to sign a new NAFTA, which is a good bargaining for our three economies," Morneu told reporters.

He also acknowledged that Canada should decide on how to handle "sophisticated" steel and aluminum tariffs, as well as how to manage softwood production in Canada.

"It's a critical and critical issue for us to work with Americans," Morneu said. "We do not create another set of negotiations, and most importantly, we want the new NAFTA stability, and we can convey it to Canadians."

Morneu also said that the USMCA code would work behind the scenes to ensure that the legal document was accurately agreed. According to him, there are all grounds for believing that the work is progressing at a good pace.

After a 13-month-long negotiation, USMCA said Canadian officials would not have a lower autograph when these three countries gathered at G-20 in Buenos Aires on Friday.

During the negotiations, tensions between the two countries have not diminished, as Canada and Mexico are subject to the Tramp administration's tariffs. Canada has paid import duties on imports from the United States.

Sources close to the talks say that Canada will maintain a long way in reaching any agreement in the United States and expects the talks with Mexico to end before next week.

The liberal government can not sign the opposition without facing pressure.

Morney's speeches came a day after Kornei's billions of dollar tax incentives.

The Ottawa long-awaited plan, the plan to help compete for US investment dollars, is responsible for American tax and regulatory reform. Many alerts from the business community have downgraded Canada's borders as an investment objective.

Morneau's largest tax returns allow enterprises to write down the full cost of certain types of machinery and equipment and allow companies and all sectors to invest in a large proportion of newly acquired assets.

Ottawa's strong economy has split into $ 22 billion in fiscal years in the past, largely due to the fact that the federal synopticists have been reducing high profits and expenses in the previous year's budget.

But new initiatives will use all the space that will start next year, and will make much more than expected annual disadvantages.

In the next half of the year, the revaluation of US $ 14 billion of revenues

Financial updates do not have a table for the elimination of the deficit of liberals, and are now projected to exceed $ 18 billion each year over the next two years.

Since the government did not provide timely balances for conservators and some economists to the daily budget, they were critical of the economy, especially when it was near the full force.

During the post-economic downturn there are warnings that the government faces in a very difficult financial situation.

After the 2015 elections, the Liberal Government promised to keep the annual deficit less than $ 10 billion and the books 2019. Instead, it is aimed at reducing net debt to GDP, which is called debt burden – every year.

– There are files of James McCarthy in Washington

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