Tuesday , August 16 2022

Most recent: The prosecutors provide several details about Nissan's Ghosn


Tokyo – Nissan Motor Co. Company Carlos Gosn's latest Japanese allegation of financial breach (all-time local):

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The Tokyo prosecutors offered several cases against Carlos Gosn, the chairman of Nissan Motor Co.

Deputy Prosecutor General Shin Kukimoto said at a Thursday press conference that Gosn had allowed journalists to meet with the French embassy and lawyer, but that his council had not been allowed to take part in the survey.

Ghosn and other Nissan executive director Greg Kellon were arrested on Monday for alleged violations of financial reporting laws and other illegal actions.

Kukimoto Gosn said that he had three meals and eight hours of sleep, just like any other detainee.

According to him, falsification of financial statements is fraught with serious fines as they distort the market and violate the requirements of the transparency of the listed company.

1:40 hours

The Nancy administration decided on Thursday to abolish its president Carlos Gosn.

This week, the Alliance partner, Renault, voted for her as chief executive, but appointed a temporary head.

Nissan Motor Co. Hiroto Saikawa, Chief Executive Officer, earned $ 44.6 million in revenue from 2011 to 2015.

Nissan has nine members, including Ghosn and Greg Kelly, who has also been detained on Monday, suspected of involvement with Ghosn in fraudulent financial statements.

Ghosn is in custody in Tokyo. Prosecutors on Wednesday asked for permission to keep her case in custody for at least 10 days.

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