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NEC, NPS Provides biometric smart-city technology at the International Exhibition BioExpo-2018


"… The NEC and its affiliate have stated that they will make decisions, including the NPS Self-Detection System, the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), the CONNECT Police Platform, and video analysis solutions."

NEC participates in an international exhibition of international biosphere Smart City Tech, NPSNEC will make its decisions at the International Security Exhibition in London next week.

The event offers an opportunity to use the Northgate Public Services (NPS), UK service company geographical location, which NEC purchased earlier this year. Most importantly, strong focus on the NPS British public sector will help focus more on NEC's crucial criminal and anti-terrorism solutions.

Accordingly, the NEC company and its subsidiary NPS are "Face Detection, Automated Fingerprint Identification (AFIS), CONNECT Police Platform and Video Analytical Solution," according to a declaration issued by the International Security Expo 2018.

NEC also participates in a seminar on biometrics and technology management, where Global Biometrics, AI & Analytics VP, Chris de Silva "Face Detection; legends and truths. " Nevertheless, Neh's statement does not contain any information about Silva's speech, but his rank suggests that the company will strive to address some of the issues that arise about the publicly recognized personality recognition technology, as the police and other government agencies have shown such a growing appetite.

November 21, 2018 – Alex Purala

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