Friday , August 19 2022

Nissan unanimously voted for Ghosn as Chairman of the Board


Carlos Ghosni, the managing director of Nissan Motor Co., voted unanimously on Thursday after holding a healthy grip on Renault for the 19-year-old alliance.

The Japanese firm voted for Greg Kelly, who was arrested after being accused of financial mismanagement, such as Gosn.

The chairman ignored the step by step calling Nissan's management to delay Ghosn's release before Renault's meeting.

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In 2016, the Franco-Japan Alliance, which is part of Japan's Mitsubishi Motors, was back in Japan on Monday, arresting 64-year-old Gosn in Japan.

Ghosn formed the alliance and, despite strong reserves in the Japanese firm, prompted the French government to deepen its involvement, including the Renault-Nissan integration.

Japanese prosecutors Ghosn and Kelly have promised to reduce Nissan's compensation in five years, in 2010, about $ 10 billion annually ($ 88 million).

Tokyo District Prosecutor's Deputy Prosecutor Shin Kukimoto made a statement on Thursday that the court would come to the court for ten days to detain Gosny, but could not explain whether he admitted the allegations.

Nissan managers have five seats in nine members, while Renault's loyalists have two seats, the other two non-partisan directors, the former bureaucracy and the driver of the race.

When Gosn and Kelly were arrested, men were not able to attend the meeting.

Renault Ghosn refused to act as chairman and general director.

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But Mitsubishi Motors plans to remove Ghosn from the post of Chairman of the Board in the coming week.

The Japanese Ministry of Industry and Finance will seek to find ways to stabilize it Thursday in Paris on the widening of uncertainty in the alliance.

"For me, the future of the alliance is a big deal," said Nissan's official spokeswoman on Wednesday asking journalists to question Gosn's arrest. "At this age we must work together. There will be no fraction ".


Nissan said on Monday that an internal investigation interrupted Gosn's lawyer, who had been interrupted by the informer, had been illegally engaged in personal use and would not be able to report his income for several years.

Ghosn and Kelly have not given any comment on the allegations and Reuters has not been able to access them.

Prosecutors are demanding that Hussein wear a mask in Tokyo's custody to avoid a habitual lifestyle, including a day-to-day sleep restriction, and barriers to meeting with visitors. spread of the disease.

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According to Twitter's trainee Internet-entrepreneur Takufumi Hori, "the place of detention is" cold in time. "

Former prosecutors have been hired as defense lawyer Motonari Otsuu Gosn to oversee the Jury's trial. The lawyer refused to confirm that Gosn had submitted her complaint and said no one could comment.

Asahi Shimbun, referring to nonbull sources on Thursday, issued Gosn Kelly's orders for her to make false accusations via e-mail. Tokyo prosecutors can seize the appropriate e-mail and use them as evidence.

Yamiuri, Japan's largest daily newspaper, says that Nissan has reported that since 2002, Gosn's $ 100,000 free consultative role will be given to a senior elderly woman.

According to the newspaper, Hiss's mother bought a foreign company in Rio de Janeiro, but did not advise the car manufacturer. Nissan shared information with prosecutors, says Hammer.

Before the Council meeting, Nissan's shares hit 0.8 percent.

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Nissan has held a meeting to dismiss President Carlos Ghosn, who has been blamed on his former head, by a 19-year-old Renault for a long time. Reuters

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