Friday , February 3 2023

Only after 6x9x9 Tekashy knew gangsters' friends


Two days before Takashi, he was charged with fraudulent racial allegations on Monday, 6:169. Rapper went to the federal agents and said he was in danger.

Agents claimed the 22-year-old rapper and Instagram star would be taken to New York City's National Security headquarters and threaten to hurt Nine Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods colleagues. US prosecutor Michael Longy said in an interview with the federal court on Monday.

Longyear, Tacchi's Nine Trey partners, his recently-released manager Kifano said he was offended by Shottti for his radio interview last month, including Jordan, where he quit his management team and stopped the excursion.

In a breakfast interview, Daniel Hernandez, a rap rapper, accused him of trying to distance himself from his other attacked colleagues and accused them of accusing them of being in another "Sixty-one Report."

"Each of your blood is not your blood," says Tekashi.

As an answer, his partners "wanted to break it up," explained Lorrie. "They wanted to" break it down ".

According to Longyear, the term "super-violent" means execution of "violence, including shooting."

During the disclosure of this information to Tekashi, agents hoped to overtake his collaboration with regard to the crimes committed against Nazi Troyan for at least five years in advance. Agents offered Tekashi to secure the hotel, but he refused and returned home, he said.

She is now accused of being a member of a criminal organization that deals with five others, including Jordan and other members of the governing body, who sells fentanyl and other drugs and acts of "violent acts." Geoffrey Berman, a U.S. lawyer from Manhattan, reports Daily Beast.

According to the indictment, such acts of violence involve armed robbery and attempted murder.

In April, Tekachi took part in the armed robbery of Nine Trey opponents in the center of Manhattan and dropped a video of the car soon, reports The Daily Beast. The backpack of the alleged suspect was found in Tekashy's apartment this autumn; According to prosecutors, the identity card of the victim was still there. During the search, the investigators rebuilt the AR-15 pistol.

In the same month, Tekashi was photographed at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. One of his accusers, Fujian's Fu Bus, is accused of firing Lavic, the band's opponents, The Daily Beast writes.

In July, the brigade did not respect the group of Bedford Stewesante in Brooklyn, but was shot dead in New York Times.

Through his lawyer, Tekashi denied that he was a member of nine traders.

"Daniel Hernandez did not intervene in any of these people until 2017," said Lance Lazaro, a lawyer at the federal court in Takashi on Monday.

"He refused these people," said Lazaro, referring to the interview with "Breakfast Club."

The racket has been softly polite to shut down his eyes several times at the time of his appointment, answering questions from the judge, Daily Beast reports. Tekashi had been on the rapes or did not act as a miracle, contradictory person when she turned people into social media.

The behavior of the court is similar to a terrible, hopeless person in a suicide case involving a Houston attack in Houston, Texas, in another court in July in the state of New York.

She was imprisoned after being held in custody for the same term as Tucker Rickers, and his attorney explained that the other members of the group had been threatened.

During the initial reservation, members of the Trinitarios team, who had been waiting for a sure wait, promised Tekashy "b" and promised to "crush it." Tekashi was frightened by an oral attack, "says one of the sources.

Now, Tekashi is a member of another brutal street brigade, despite a lawyer's claim.

This is, in all cases, Nine Trey – a bloody Bloods street ghost, and was founded in the early 1990's at Rikers Island. Tekashi, along with the accusatory act, has repeatedly referred to the blood in his songs and interviews.

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