Wednesday , October 5 2022

Ontario artist Capvani Kivan has received $ 100,000 Sobey award


Capvani Kivangag, the holder of the most prestigious art award in Canada, provoked colored blocks and painted films similar to the color schemes of prisons and hospitals.

In November 2018, Kiwanga became a laureate of $ 100,000 Sobey Art Award at Ontario's national competition. The award was announced on Wednesday in the Annual Sobey Art Award gala at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. The winner of last year was awarded the Ursula Johnson prize.

"Sobey Art Award is an enthusiasm to help people resume the work they are asking to re-examine the past," said NGC in Kivan's statement, "it will give more attention to my work and will push it further in the future," and "I thank everyone who has faith, encouraged, supported, doubted, trusted, and questioned, publicly quoted."

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Canwan is the fifth Canadian who is 40 years old to win the Kiwanga Annual Award. He has played four other finalists: Jordan Bennett from Atlantic, Quebec, John Rafman, Providence and North, Joe T. Arkand, West Coast and Yukon Jenen Freud Newall. These four people each receive $ 25,000.

Kivanga's compositions are bold and gentle in the spectator space that produces some of the effects of institutional architecture and annually sculptures most of the sculptural assemblies attracts them visually and visually.

"Capwani creates a visual language for Kivan to review the difficulties and marches of history," said the jury. "Use of archive materials and other sources of anthropology, agriculture and town-planning projects; it exposes the global effects of the colonial project. He focuses on hidden authoritarian structures, institutional tools, and energy inequalities that help us to see the world differently. «

The jury consisted of seven members, headed by senior curator of the NGC contemporary art Jose Druien-Brissebaise. In 2002, the Sobey Award, a two-year award for promoting events in Canada's contemporary art, was awarded $ 2,000 for a long list of about 20 actors each, all of which were awarded to international artistic residences.

An exhibition of five stars, including Kiwanga's five works, will be exhibited at NGC until 10 February 2019.

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