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Ontario's retailers will be able to serve 75 canvas shops, each of which is not clear of rules

Cannabis is part of the laws and regulations

Cannabis Retail Stores in Ontario announced that it would be allowed to operate at 75 stores, with provincial regulations upgrading marijuana to spring bricks in spring this year.

But the industry has yet to discover that some of the licensed breeders can still be found.

On Wednesday, the Ontario Prosecutor-General's Office published evening news, which sets out rules for how shops can be open, and retailers can apply for a license.

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However, in the province, cannabis did not detect how much breeders were able to. On Ontario's Cannabist Law, which entered into force on 17 October, said manufacturers and their affiliates "did not have the right to access from one store", but did not explain what the "affiliate" was. There may be several shops in the shop where the shop owner can take a minority share.

Official announcements will be published online. The problem relates to an affiliate problem. The rule was not published at the time of publication, and government representatives did not immediately respond to the clarification.

Alcanna Inc., heading five Alberca's NOVA Cannabis Store. CEO James Burns said the company is still waiting for the Canadian market to enter the market, as Alcanna is owned by 25% owned by Aurora Cannabis licensed producer.

"The most important thing for us is the definition of partnership," he said. "Of course, we want to be a full-fledged member of the industry. … I do not think I will sign a lease today because I do not know any rules up to now.

Enchanters are the most earliest players in the industry: they have the opportunity to take part in the bidding process and pay off in space. Many Canadian illegal manufacturers may be the most profitable markets in the country to produce their products and gain consumer perceptions.

Despite the lack of clarity in Ontario, sellers stopped selling real estate, whether they were entitled to open a shopping mall. Another mystery is that the Ontario municipal municipality will probably refuse to allow cannabis shops until January 22th and potentially hire a dangerous store signed on those markets.

On Wednesday, other legal acts were explicitly stated. The province announced that it will accept retail applications on December 17. Shops can be open from 9am to 11pm each day. On April 1, after the launch of the new pirated retail mode. Trade outlets in the province should be at least 150 meters from the school.

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Until April, Ontarians can only buy legally available cannabis. Flash stores were opened in other areas, such as Alberta and Quebec.

The Ontario Government digital shop was unsuccessful, consumers were waiting for their orders every week, and the store condemned the entire packet of distorted packages distorted by the Canadian Post. A store called Ontario Cannabis has been repealing and canceling an order of 220,000 sales since its legalization on Monday.

The instructions come about three months after the legal start of sales and progressive conservatives are planning to disassemble the retail model planned by Liberal. The former government plans to open 40 stores in Norway's Ontario Ontario control committee and monopolize the sale of recreational cannabis. Instead, in April, the province plans to go to the private sector for sale in shops and continue to launch the online store.

Statement by Marcus Nicholson from Calgary

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