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Ottawa Senators will stay early in the process of transformation of the city into the NRL arena at LeBreton Flats, akim of the city


A company owned by the Ottawa senators, at the start of a historic debate in Ottawa, has sought to create an arena for the hockey club as part of the LeBreton Flats reconstruction, said Jim Watson, mayor of the city.

Watson Evgeny asked Melnick's company in Ottawa to pay a new arena at LeBreton Flats after RendezVous LeBreton Group, a senator and Trilateral Development Partnership.

"We had initial talks with our staff, they wanted to build the city from the arena, and I told them they were not in building," Watson said after the meeting.

"They gave them a complete list of ideas and I explained to Eugene many things and I remembered it in his CBC interview, I have a transcript that states that state support is not clear, and I, too, Eugene, is 100 percent with you. I do not support tax dollars to subsidize the arena. "

Senators were asked to comment.

Watson does not have an arena of NHL but there are legitimate costs for the public sphere, such as streets and sidewalks.

An image of a 18,000-seat arena artist, the new home of the Ottawa Senators and the RendezVous LeBreton development.

RendezVous Group

Watson first spoke of Melnick's 700 million dollar trial, which he described as Trinity founder John Ruddy and project management advisor Graham Bird. Melnika, Capital Sports Management Inc. (CSMI) claims that LeBreton Flats is using LeBreton Flats for the 65-story complex, which is based on the future Trinity Trip, 900, against the defendants LeBreton Flats.

Ruddy and Bird denied the allegations that had been tried in court.

Watson was not recognized as a defendant during a trial, but in a recent statement from the mayor of the city, Sergei Arpine, in an interview with CSMI, he "denied" the resignation of LeBretton Plotter during a municipal election campaign between Watson and Melnik.

Watson refused to comment on these allegations. It looks like an intermediary to help with the LeBreton project.

It depends

The 41-page court trial was handed down on Thursday to the NSC's headquarters before RandzVus's next meeting in January to resolve his own internal dispute. Melnik and Raddi are RendezVous's main partners.

"We are confident that you will not make this nature one night, so they are thinking about what their actions will be like, and I like many people," says Watson. "In my opinion, there is great support for the activation. Arena, housing, retail, LRT stops all in one place. My goal is to continue working with the NCC, work with the Government of Canada and the private sector, to ensure that you do not lose the moment to let it revitalize this important place.

Watson supports senators in the city center, believes he can work with Melkick if the hockey club remains in rebuilding pictures, and the Mayor acknowledges that the mayor is unlikely to follow the current RendezVous structure.

Watson is a non-voting member of the board of the National Security Committee.

Melnik's claim is the future of the housing market around LeBreton Flats, particularly with respect to Albert's 900 projects, which undermines the viability of the reconstruction.

John Ruddy, from left and Eugene Melnk.

At the beginning of this year, the council has appealed to Albert Albert 900 times.

According to Watson, "there is plenty of room for competition in the real estate market."

According to Watson, the council's planning decisions are not implemented for several years.

"Now I hear from real estate agents I agree with, I go to their meetings, and so on. and understand what happens on the real estate market. lack of real estate for sale, "Watson said. "Here is a seller's market. Prices are rising as there are very few inventory on the market. "

Watson says that the antelope is slow and wants to live in condominiums or apartments in the city center.

The RendezVous Group for LeBreton Flats is worth $ 3.5 million, called IllumiNATION LeBreton.

RendezVous LeBreton

The RendezVous Group for LeBreton Flats is worth $ 3.5 million, called IllumiNATION LeBreton.

RendezVous LeBreton

Credit: Rendezvous Lebreton Group

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