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Participants in the Dry Dust announce weight loss, good sleep, and much energy

New UK according to research, can help people who participate in Dry January to lose weight within a month, help them lose weight, sleep well, save on energy, save money, and reduce their long-term consumption.

According to a study conducted by the University of Sussex, new research was conducted by UK Charity Organization Alcohol Change UK, which was held in Dry January in January 2018. studied adults.

The first poll was registered in January and registered 2,821 people. the second one during the first week of February was 1,715; and the last poll was attended by 816 participants.

Research has shown that those who participated in the Dry January also reported drinking alcohol in a few months, but the consumption of alcohol also declined in August.

The participants also reported a few days, and the average number of drinking water decreased from 4.3 to 3.3 per week. Drinking water consumed on average reduced from 8.6 to 7.1, alcohol intoxicants decreased from 3.4 to 2.1 times a month.

Other January gains in the dry January accounted for 93% of participants' sense of achievement and 88% of respondents saved money.

In dry January, 82 percent of part-time participants thought more about drinking, 80 percent followed alcohol and 76 percent learned more about drinking and drinking. Many people (71 percent) realize that they do not need a drink to enjoy themselves.

Back to sausage, health benefits, including sleep improvements, sleep improvements, increased energy, weight loss, good concentration and improved skin health.

"A simple action of one month after eating alcohol can help people drink alcohol for a long time: in August a week of weekly additional drought is added per week, and there are also significant advantages: nine out of ten save money and three in five weight categories "Says Richard de Visser.

"It is noteworthy that participants who did not allow these changes in alcohol consumption during the whole month were shown to have a real benefit to their endeavor, in January.

Richard Piper, General Director of Alcohol Change UK, Richard Piper, also touches on the so-called "dry gesture", which can change everyday life, eating and drinking everyday in dry January. «

"Many people know about the health risks of seven types of alcohol, liver disease, and mental health, but we often know that we have less drinking benefits, good skin and lose weight … The list goes on. Dry stones help millions of people to feel these benefits and help them to improve even more drinks. "

The Canadian Under-Alcohol Drink Guidelines provide men with 15 drinks a week, and 10 times a week for women and two daily drinks for men every day for men and women.

For these instructions, a standard 341-ml beer or 5% alcohol-based cooling 142-ml glassware and 43 ml of liquid solution are considered to be the same beverages.

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