Tuesday , September 28 2021

Parts of Nova Scotia were able to see 15 cm of snow on New Year's Day

Snow News in New Scotland New Year's, probably some 15 centimeters in some parts of the province.

Environment says Canada begins snowing early in the morning at the western end of New Scotland and spreads to the east of the province in the east.

Greater snowfall is expected on Brittany's British coast. One of the weather forecasters announced warnings from the state of Victoria and the state of Inverness, Moow and snow in the north. There is also the current Les Suets wind warning for the region.

The rest of the province depends on weather conditions.

"On Tuesday afternoon, the wind will be stronger and less visible in the snow," says Environment Canada.

"If the snowfall exceeds the freezing point, the snow should fall or fall in the afternoon."

The departure time of the sea from the Atlantic has changed from 10:00 to 10:30 on Tuesday, at 10:30 on Tuesday, from North Sydney, NS to Port-Au-Bassa, NL.

The ferry service also notes that the airport has the potential to fly several times from January 1 to January 2.

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