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Peter Chiarelli Edmonton was unable to make it

On April 18, 2015, Edmonton Oilers won the Lottery 2015 and, most importantly, had the opportunity to design Connor McDavid.

Six days later, Peter Chiarelli was appointed President and CEO of hockey operations. He was Leon Draisittle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Oscar Klebbom, Dannell Nursey and McDavid (mostly).

The fast forward is three years and eight months, and the best players in the oil industry are five of the aforementioned players. Chiellelli did not put the list into place, but he built the rest, but the accompanying races are not enough. He did something that I thought was impossible; Get the most dynamic player in the NHL, but lower your mastery around it.

Remove the five players they made in 2012 and check out the 2012 Jujjah Hayra and the list.

1. 2015 by: Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Benoit Puliot, Teddy Pursell, Nail Yakupov, Derek Roy, Matt Hendrix, Boyd Gordon, Rob Klinhammer, Luke Gadjik, Anton Lander, Tyler Pittika and Jesse Joenso.

Defense: Justin Schultz, Mark Fainn, Andrew Fernans, Nikita Nikitin, Martin Marinkin and Kate Aullie.

Cycling: Ben Scrivens and Victor Fass

** Jeff Petri and David Peron were on sale in June and were not registered until the end of the year.

Series 2, 2018. Forwards: Milan Lucic, Jesse Pulgeudzi, Alex Chiasson, Tobias Ridder, Kyle Brocial, Thai Ratti, Zak Casian, Ryan Spunner and Kayler Yamamoto.

Defense: Adam Larson, Chris Russell, Andrew Sekera, Matt Benning, Kevin Gravil, Alex Petrovich, Brandon Manning and Caleb Jones.

Cycling: Mikko Kosinen and Kam Talbot

3. What directions did he improve? He lowered his previous skills, and the worst part is that Hall and Lucia make that money. The Hull Trophy won 93 points in the last season and scored 37 points on 33 June. Lucícius scored 42 goals in his last 120 games, with two goals in the last 81 games. Remember, Hallon was no good at Edmonton. He scored two points.

4. On December 31, 2015, Petroleum Engineers entered the top three (collecting 39 points and gaining 94 points) (Hall, Ebert and RHN). Current oilers depth (excluding McDavid, Draisaitl and RNH) has a total of 40 goals and 86 points. In fact, this morning, they only scored just 33 goals, because Caggiula is out of the team. In three and a half years, Chiarelli could not keep up with his best players.

5. Protecting and breeding are good, but in 2015, the Oil Workers have scored 3,37 goals / in the season and they have scored 3.11 goals / matches. Except for Nurse and Klefbom, the oilfield bells hold $ 20.5 million between Larsson, Sekera, Russell, Manning, Petrovic, Benning and Gravel. He has now unmanned aqueducts and none of the depths have been able to provide hooliganism in the steppe era where the sliding movement is required.

6. I can say that the training of oilmen in his hours improved. It's not awesome, but at least there are several prospects in the American Petroleum League. However, despite this, his followers and Griffin Reinhart decided in 2015 to support them in the 2015 draft bill. They liked him very much, and they dropped the 16th and 33th votes to get him. Their scanners are Matt Barzal (16th), Kyle Connor (17th place), Thomas Chabot (18th place), Evgeny Svekhnikov (19th place) Joel Eriksson Yek (20), Colin White 21 years old, Ilya Samsonov (22 years) Brooke Boezer (23) and Travis Konecni. Even though "Barzone" was not available, one of Connor, Chabot, White, Boeser and Konecny ​​would be more impressive on the current list. Hell, even Eriksson Eck, Sweshnikov and Samsonov develop. It is shameful to make a mistake in Reinhart, especially when it does not have a defender in the AHL at the time of the sales.

7. According to Chiarelli, Oilmen still can not attack younger people. Jesse Puljujari has not been trained by NHL since coming to Edmonton, but Chiarelli and his team want him to develop in the NHL. Newsflash: NHL is not a league development. You allow players to develop in smaller, European or AHL, and show you when they come to the NHL. Puljujcu is 20 years old and third season. He scored 16 goals in 120 NHL games, scoring 15 goals in 53 AHL games and 37 points. He has never let you to develop an attack game that you have released for the fourth time in 2016, and he has never dominated the AHL in a short time. It's not a matter of course, because it's hard to learn North America in the 18th and 19th years, but Chiarelli's hours believe that Oilers will develop in NHL. He does not exist, and when he scores one goal in nine games as he has this season, Hell does not make any kind of insult.

8. Now Charielli and her colleagues believe that 20-year-old Kayler is a 20-year-old boy in Yamamoto. He is not physically ready for NHL. The game is a good idea, but it is not physically ready. He scored four goals and eight points in eleven AHL games before recollecting. No other team in NHL has two 20-year-old forward in their list of 14 goals, combining 17 goals in NHL games. They should be attacking players, and Chiarelli believes they will help them grow like they play in the fourth line. Wake up. These winning teams do not develop players. Yamamoto is no better than Ryan Spuner today and will never get better if they do not give him the right opportunity and keeps his humiliating faith. Last week, 25-year-old Joseph Gamardella reminiscent of Yamamoto, if they need a body in the registry. It's 200 pounds. He controls the AHL team with a point. I do not sell it, it will be a long-term NHL player, but today I think it might be as impressive as the NHL Yamamoto. Most importantly, Yamamoto played a lot, relying on little ones, and the next year's training camp, the Oilers could really have a youth striker. Oilmen remember Gambardella and do not sell Caggiula, instead they sell Caggiula, and then Gambardela remembers.

9. Problems with oilmen, they do not feel that you can not win with all the young players. This is the League of Man. Yes, the league has several elite young players, but elites are created immediately, and there are two in the Oilers McDavid and Draisaitl. Winning teams do not believe that all young players have a key role. Washington and Pittsburgh have won the last three Stanley Cups. Are there major share-holders involved in the initial level deals? Tampa Bayide has Brian Point, she is 22, but looking at their top-ups – all – veterans. They are for young people – Anthony Chirelli and Matti Joseph – 21 years old, both of whom have played in the AHL at the same time in the six roles. Will Edmonton be another forward in next season? If Pulju Jari or Yamamoto believed that this guy would be, they would take another big risk. They thought that this year one would be ready and close. And they do nothing to help them upset their offensive. They hinder it. This organization promotes how it does not look, but how other teams work.

10. Yesterday Chiarelli sold Caggiula for Brandon Manning. Mangen next year has a diameter of $ 2.25 million and Caggiula 1.5 million. It is a dollar. Caggiula is far from a great player, but he has seven goals this season, and for the past 1.5 years he has scored 20 goals, the fourth Maclaid, Draisaitl and the RNH behind the fourth place. Caggiula is also physically. It needs improvement in its area, but good coaches can improve it.

Many trainers are not able to teach insidious instincts or ends, and Owls have sold some of the few forwarders that can achieve some goals. Chiarelli and the new head coach, Ken Hitchcock, say the winner is a key factor in winning. This is 2019, if the player has skills such as a small player, the size will help. Caggiula / Manning has reasserted me that Chiarelli has no direction to this team. Why do you get another shot D when it comes to Klefbom, Nurse, Russell, Sekera, Gravel and Jones? What was the result? It is not better than gravel and crushed, 1/3. Gravel 12 for GF and 12 GA for 5 × 5 to 296 minutes. Manning 358 played 5 × 5 minutes and was added for 9 GF-26 GA. She thinks she is 5×5-17, three times bigger, and some really think she's up in the crushed stone. Do not worry.

11. Chiarelli has scored 27 more goals in Chicago for the next year's D-Men division into the 14-division division. Is it far better than today's registry custodians? Manning this year and next year will cost $ 2.25 million. Kevin Gravil makes $ 700,000. Caleb Jones is $ 720,000. Is it good to do something? If you want to sell Caggiula is good, but when it comes to the expensive D-man, it will have zero meaning that it is not offensive and not a protective star. How do oilers improve this? No.

12. Keep in mind that oilmen do not have depth. From the beginning of the last season, Caggiula RNH, Draisaitl and McDavid have the 4th highest scoring ever behind. Yes, there are fungus in his game, but if you think you're trading for it, he can not beat anybody else and laugh at the numbers that do not represent the defense. The fourth most common match among the 4th place winners in the Chiasson team and Caggiula is now Kyle Broczyak and Puljujarvi. Oilers have added a stronger defense to Aleppo Petrovitch, who had a good analytics than the previous Mannent, so the manning trafficking was not important for me. I would like to explain that there is nothing against the player. He did not have to sell for Caggiula. And that does not mean that Caggiula was not a substitute. This simple truth is GM's other talent that reduces its value.

13. Charielli completed the 2006 Bruce list in Boston. He helped win the Stanley Cup, but it was in Boston and the game is different today. His name in Edmonton speaks for himself. The oilmen once held the play-offs, but it looks like it's because it has spent the other two years and now holds the 11th place at the Western Conference. Trades made in June this year gave a zero positive result.

14. Charielli has the most dynamic player in the NHL. He did not need to add bigger horses to the inheritance registry he had to rebuild, but he did not build the rest of his registry on his own, formerly Craig MacTavish. The tragic part of the oilersnation – I do not see fast fixes. If McDavid, Draisaitl and RNH 40 are playing their game for the game and are currently playing at a higher level, this team will not play the playoffs and will do so if they do not have depth to compete.

This is not a fault of the players. The task of GM is to create a list and make the team competitive. The results are proved by Shiarelli.

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