Friday , May 14 2021

Peter Mackay, Scott Brisson Lawyer Can Attest Attorney Mark Norman's Case

Vice President Admiral Mark Norman's breach of Crown's credentials has today featured a list of witnesses and is read as official political, military, bureaucratic and business interests in Ottawa.

It includes current and former cabinet ministers, high ranking lobbyists, former journalist, senior military brasses and prominent business leaders.

The list of 5 July 2018 was presented to the Ontario High Court in pre-trial evidence regarding the disclosure of federal government requests for Norman protection.

The chairman of the Federal Treasury, Scott Brisson, the Minister of Environmental Protection Catherine McCann and the Conservative Defense Minister Peter Mackay – are among the 24 witnesses who can be summoned to testify against the former commander.

The list was proposed to help defender Heret Perkins-McWay to decide on the relevance of the defense documents.

It is subject to review. Corona has no obligation to call everyone, and no invitations have yet been issued.

The trial will not last until August – until the next federal election campaign begins.

On Friday, Norman's attorney, Marie Henen, said Friday that the Liberal Government is closely watching the case for political reasons.

"We have different information on the timing of the trial, and there is a clear discussion of the actual dispute between the PAO and the PMO office, as it will affect the next federal election," he said to the court.

According to Norman, before signing a $ 668 million lease contract for a temporary naval fleet, the Davie shipbuilding plant, Levis, Que.

He also announced the results of the Liberal Cabinet's decision to temporarily postpone the program to the former CBC reporter, James Kudmore, on the list of King's Witnesses in November 2015.

Spencer Fraser, Norman's secretary Davie, is another name on this list. Also, the president of the competitor Irving Shipbuilding, Kevin McKay.

The top military commander of the country, General Jonathan Vance, was the current navy commander, Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd, who was Norman's assistant when he dropped off leasing.

There are a number of senior and current retired military personnel, as well as former and former Public Service Officers in Canada who may be invited to testify.

Brian Mesereou is also a potential witness, chairman of Hill + Knowlton Strategies Canada, one of the largest lobby companies in Ottawa.

Crown lawyer Mark Coven told the judge that he had made the list several times on Friday and his colleagues started doing it.

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