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Piers Morgan and his famous fights, when he faced Ariana Grand


Ariane Grand – The Little Morning received an online-British fracture after two gunshots of the British magazine "The Little Morning Britannia" in the "Little Mix & Strip" music video.

In a fierce battle last night, Arian began with Pierce's first visit to her mother, Joanne, for the journalist's "Little Mix" business.

Pierce Mama Grange: "Joan, my mother taught me to speak and never dreaded loyalty.

"I would like Ellen's hypocrisy – like Little Little, I want them to use their talent to sell their notes, not their nakedness. Like my daughter …!

Yes, Ellen DeGeneras was there.

Nevertheless, it is impossible never to fly to this dangerous woman as Ariana wrote: "Ellen is a wonderful and kind person. I always use my talent and my sexuality because I choose, "he began.

"Women can be sexual and talented. Delicate and decent. This is our choice. We will treat people with understanding. I want to say that respectfully, but later I thank her.

"Divas @LittleMix keep up with your sisters."

But he did not do it: "@persmorgan, I'm waiting for you to look forward to other ways to attract yourself, rather than criticize all the actions you have done for young, beautiful, successful women.

"It would be a great thing for you and your career, or the same thing left as it is."


Of course, after he apologized after the participant Issi Nelson called on BBC Radio 1, he came after the OG fight between Little Mix and conversation, and he tried to sell notes after reporting the body positives.

Most "aphorisms" are not open.

Ariana v Piers (Picture: Rex / Getty)

This Piers was attacked on Twitter or on the GMB sofa for the first time.

Let's see what we do?

Chrissy Teigen

Both of them go back. For many years, we have overtaken Chrisissy (words that speak with President Ponts more closely with President Donald Trump) and the rapporteur on everything, but more often than ever before, fumigantism.

If you see a few times in these posts, the topic you are working on …

When they returned in 2016, they used each other as their own, using one another and calling each other an attacker.

Chrissy is not a fan yet (Picture: Invision)

She was the husband of Chris, John Legend's husband, so she forgave her and ended up with Pierre.

But Chrisy did not really care about it.

Then she entered the Ariana cow this week, but she referred to Piers, the appendage.

All this is too early.

He wrote: "Everyone is talking about a pier, and his dance will boil another energy, and the smile will shout for joy."

Piers did not doubt that she would be able to overcome this, and indeed, everyone would stop.

Kim Kardashian

Again, it was a forward and backward ping-pong match, and with the status of a star having multiple status physical fitness, it also calls for a cheap attack on the sale (see, working title).

Kim was dismissed in February, as he had a GMB fragrance, because he wanted to have some love for the "scoundrels".

Kim and Pierre go back (Picture: Getty)

Pierce also said his promoter had sent his bottle.

However, he continued dragging his family during the GMB segments, and last month, when he broke news on Pittsburgh, Kim did not support Kim's direct naked Instagram.

"When America runs away from the massacre in Pittsburgh, Kim Kardashian sends this picture to Twitter," he wrote.

& # 39; Turn it off, @KimKardashian – if you have a juice of honesty. & # 39;

It destroyed it, but we are not sure if it is due to the Piers comment.

Emily Ratazhkovski

Pierce Morgan said at least once a week he was dressing Emily's model, and she was wearing clothes and enjoying classic fishing in her juices and trousers.

But when he returns in 2016, he will come back.

After asking whether to buy her clothes because she saw the freezer for Harper's Bare Naked Bazaar, she said: "Thank you, but you do not need clothes, it is necessary for the press".

JK Rowing

These two were hitting on the social media by Donald Trump, but JK tweeted after he was really hot in the Hogwarts canteen: Yes, when I saw Piers Morgan talking about live TV, I always thought I would be satisfied.

It was after Pixers emerged on Jim F. Jeffrey's Bill on the True Time TV channel.

Pierce answered, "That's why I've never read Harry Potter's words."

However, JK said: "Have you ever foretold that the author will be full of laugh when you see a single day attack on a TV channel?

And. This. Simply. Fired. Passage.

Then, in the spontaneous Spencer Morgan fashion, the son of Pierce trembled with one message:

Lily Allen

The animosity between these two was pushed off on Twitter, and after a long call to wear a pilot necklace between Piers and many other award-winning singers, it led to a great deal of time-consuming scenes.

Then Piers announced that she had refused to be interviewed by the singer, and she released a video showing her that she had a broken program.

"Hello, I do not give you an interview, or if your new album is hit. It will never happen, "he said. "Unfortunately, I love Pierre."

Are these two people looking at the eyes? (Photo: ITV / Rex)

Did Lilia take care of her? Not one of them.

"If the album was a commercial achievement, there was no interest in visiting and talking to you," he said.

"This is not advertising. Well, well, we know that all of us do not know you. & # 39;

Then Lili explained how ITV-show came.

"There was a shocking twist in my album for two days, and I united my promo table, and the first people to go to the TV were a good morning in the UK last week," he said.

"This morning, in the morning, he called my people in England and said, 'Will Lille want to refuse the show after Lilia and Pierre Twitter?' "He asked.

I said to him, "No! Of course not! What? Do you think you are afraid of Pierre Morgan?

He said, "Anyway, this message was back again, and I was wrong because I did not like Pierce smoke."

Chris Evans

The strongest captain is not America's supporter of Pierre, but James Bond's star, Daniel Craig, after condemning his son for raising his son.

Pierce offered the Internet anger and remembers such a move, but Hollywood actor Chris did not get anything.

37-year-old wrote: "You know your own free will and should worry about how someone else has brought up the child.

"Anyone who is involved in quantitative assessment of homosexuality is afraid of it."

Dogs looked strangely and replied: "Captain America does not wear a papyrus."

Amber Rose

Peer formerly referred to Amber's social media posts as "Pafet, a burial bull * t". When he blew himself up naked, he wrote: "Do not drop him down. Thank you.

Then they deal with their reasonableness, mind, and describe them as terrible and dirty.

According to Amber, she loves her.

Amber believes that Piers may like him (Picture: PA Wire)

"Did he think of me?" Of course he does! That is why he was forced to lower me to feel higher, "he told the Closer magazine.

"I am tyrannical because of her toxic and narcissistic personality disorder."

He said, "I am not mad with him. My aim was never to shame him to be aware of his toxic behavior. "

Adam Hills

When the Australian comedian Adam Hill stopped his appearance at his Last Leg show, Pierce did not conceal his hate.

However, a courageous man was interviewed by GMB, where he encountered Pierre, and the two were inconvenient.

He dismissed Evan McGregor in his show because Adam said: "To be honest, yesterday evening, when I looked at my diary and left, I had to sit down with a trainer with Piers Morgan tomorrow."

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However, Sissanne, a famous piercer, says Adam was still on the couch with Pierce, who was striking: "And here you are!" If this show was a British miracle of Piers Morgan, you would never be a guest.

Move forward for three minutes.

Is a show business event?

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