Monday , September 27 2021

Pirry, and Stanthe won the Golden Knights Coyote

GLENDALE, Arizona – Brandon Pirry is remembered for Vegas Golden Knights in December.

The six knockout-outs of the Knight Gold Knight helped Arizona win at night and has five goals with seven points in this season's six games played in Vegas.

Pirry could not just register at one of the games. It has been stable since December 20.

"It's fun to play because there are different types of entertainment," said Pierre. I have always believed in myself and use the opportunity. When using the opportunity I have to reward those who put you in this place, and I have to redeem myself. has put a lot of work ".

Paul Stastney also scored and helped, while Mark-André Flery stopped 29 fights for Vegas. Royle Smith, Kui Eakin and Ryan Carpenter-de-Vegas have won the third set and extended their game to six games.

The "Golden Knight" won six games against Arizona, as Vegas entered the NHL last season.

Jonathan Marchesaul: "We played hard, quickly played, worked well with the protector, we played well and did not make mistakes.

Most fans of Golden Knights have made a lot of noise for the team that has participated in the final squad and has scored three goals in the third round.

Third – the second goal of the season was the shortest goal of Carpenter.

At the end of the first golden knights, Pyrri jumped to the back of the grid and Stassi waited for her at about 3:35.

Nick Shmalsz in Arizona showed that he had a 1 st connection with a score of 8: 54 at the second stage, but his goal was to watch the coaches and play offsite.

The second place was taken by Vegas 2: 0. Brad Hunt first built a helicopter, and Smith first struck Darcy Campper and shot it.

Quamper finished with 33 rescues.

Coyotes used his 3rd goal of 5 goals to get his only goal in 2:58 seconds. Alex Galchuynuk has helped Oliver Eman-Larsson.

Ecuam-Larsson has reached 312 people and has earned the highest scores in franchising for Keith Yandle's defender.

Galchyenyuk scored five points, where he scored seven points.

Either he scored a goal in the 4th position for the 12th goal of the season and Pierre scored three minutes later.

"I did not play in the third round, but all night," said Vegas coach Gerard Gallant.

Arizona has begun the Third Stage in Power Games – one in the sixth at night but has not gone behind it.

Within 24 hours after winning the Anaheim team in Araizha, the team called the team's efforts as a pulse.

"It's not accidental to many ordinary guys," said Tokton. "I just went to the team and went to the south, and if you want to be a NHL hockey team or player, you have to be consistent … Perhaps we have some players who can not do it regularly and we have to find some of the players. «

NOTES: Coyotes F Brad Richardson plays for the third time in a serious illness. … Kevin Connuthton shook and froze at the first stage, but remained in the game for the last seconds of the period. … Vegas FV Valentin Zykov, announced his resignation on Saturday. F. Thomas Nosek missed his first game on December 20th. Alex Tuc fired Alex Tuk at the shoulder of Nick Cuzence in Arizona. in the second.


Vegas: Receives Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Arizona: Edmonton receives Wednesday night.

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