Monday , September 27 2021

Popular apps send data to Facebook without prompting

Although data may not be readily apparent to you, theoretically, they can be used to identify someone by means of bypass as well as the programs they set up or with one person.

The concepts can be violated by the EU's GDPR Privacy Statement not only by monitoring data, but also by collecting information that is unauthorized and potentially identifying information. The blame can not be posted to Facebook or developers only. The respective developers' collection of Facebook does not allow you to request access since GDPR comes into force. The social network has already made corrections, but it does not really matter if it works or the developers are doing it right. According to the research, many applications use older versions of the developer kit. Skyscanner noted that it did not know "whether or not" the data was transmitted unauthorized.

Facebook responded to Privacy International's responses, saying that it is important for people to "control" their knowledge of both of them when they send data and related to them. Future changes like Clear History also help. The company also noted Financial Times developers can disable automated data retention and postpone the app reviews. However, program makers do not pay attention to these changes or accept them – they may need a storm if they avoid the controversy and the EU penalties.

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