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Preview: The former Calgarian team makes its mark on ATP's Zorro


Albert Theater Projects ZORRO: Family Code. Photo: Erin Wallace


Délore Flores came to Calgary where the theater career began 30 years ago and he must return to his father.

Zorro: Family Code, which draws family interest in theater projects in Alberta, plays a masked crocodile on Mar. 27, March 27 at the Marco Cohen Theater in the comedy of the art.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, Rebecca Norman, one of her prominent Koze contemporaries, was Bruce Horak and Christian Gauss, writing "Zorro: Family Code."

Norman and Flores have had a close relationship with their friends over the past 30 years, and in one of his show programs, he tries to get him to Calgary, but Flores says: "Life has made life more difficult.

"Rebecca wanted to play a show at Legend It It, and I was glad for it in the future, but my life in New Zealand was not there at the time," says Flores, his wife in Micki, New Zealand, and also in Germany, Italy, Australia, Dubai and China is being improved.

Délés Flores plays a masked crocodile in Zorro: Family Code in Alberta Theater Projects.


Last year, the International Convention in Dubai hosted North and Flores meetings, proving that it was one of nightly nightlife drinks, which was the idea of ​​turning Zorro into a game.

"I told Rebekah about my father. She is wearing hats, masks and hats as Zorro, hiding in the closet and amazed by her grandmother. You must really display this picture. My dad was five feet tall, with a silver horn shank. He dropped this small cane several times.

"My dad tells the story. It's a legend in our family, so I play the Zorro in Rebecca and keep the family tradition. "

Flores described the hero as a middle-aged, father of two, a broken widow when she called on the chorus of the North Kingdom.

"I asked Rebecca for a character or a picture, and she said that Zorro was still at the beginning of the game. This offer could not be abandoned. "

Costume Designer Hannan Lozen's ATM's Zorro: Some of the Clothes for Family Code. Hans disappointed Lozen


After training, Flores noted that Norca's Zoro had been broken and broken.

"Any" Zorro "fairy tale is a swordfire, and we have Carl Sinai. It really does our steps. This is a requirement and exhaustion. It's like taking the exam everyday.

Zorroda: Family Code, Zorro found her opponents. Captain Juan Ramon has escaped from California prison and is now hiding in Spanish. Zorro immediately went to Spain to find someone called Zorro in this city.

"This simple conversation was sounded with more heart and more. It is a family fun.

"My son Eli is coming to New Zealand to watch the show. When he learned that Zoro was a son, he was jealous, but it was not as important as his first snowy Christmas.

On the right, Tyrell Crews, together with the young actor Lucien-Mirage Mirage Chaukhan, repeats their progress on ATP's Zorro: Family Code. It's a pity, Jeff Yi


This cheerful, masked cross crucifixion runs like Hugo Ramon of Telwuel Kruis Joule and Moustache Caravagal, Natasha Strike, and Kevin Corey, as a godly cousin of the Luchan River, such as Mirage Chaukhan.

It is a family show and starts at 6:30 am on weekends. and 6 hours. 1 Saturday and 1 pm play on Sundays.

Visit because there are weekly breaks when the playback fails.

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