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Probably, the ship may fly on board – "RB News"


At the beginning of this month at the Tsawwassen death threatening whales had found the ship.

On November 16, near the BC Ferries terminal.

According to sources published on Wednesday, his death was the result of "resisting the crashing ship with explosives."

Meanwhile, two days before the Dead Sea calf test, which was found dead on the island of Nootka, testified that she was alive and died a few days later.

The DNA showed that this was a short whale, and that the disappearing South was not part of the Orcas.

– There are CTV Vancouver files


Surrey's man was attacked at a bus stop in Toronto.

Ronjot Dhami with three B. one of them. Men shot a video on the attack on March 13. He announced the attack on the attack on Wednesday, CTV News reports.

Dhammi was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment, but he was released on a loan by the time. It will also be tested for two years.

"I apologize for what I do," Dhamami said to the court.

The attack was condemned by Pargway Singh Chakhil and Jaspula Uppal.

– There are CTV Vancouver files

B.C. The government has called for interest to ensure the replacement of the bus to fill the vacant seats left by Grayhun in the end of October.

According to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, at present 83% of the old routes have been closed due to operational search programs from Ebus. However, eight directions remain to date. there is nothing.

Now the challenge of expressing their interests may include information on private sector operators, non-profit societies, public organizations, local authorities, indigenous associations or other stakeholders. The parties have yet to apply for the Passenger Transportation Council for Intercity Buses.

These eight directions are:

  • Cachek Campton is on line 1
  • On the 5th line, Valle
  • Border on lines 5 and 16, to the BK-Alberta border
  • Doson Crick BK is on line 2 on Alberta
  • Salmo on lines 3 and 6 to Kriston
  • Cranbrook Line 3 on the BK-Alberta border
  • Fort Nelson is on the 7th line on the BK-Yukon border
  • On line 3, I hope for Princeton

The deadline for the submission of respondents – January 15, 2019. The ministry remains in discussion with the federal government and other oblasts and territories, and BK tries to find a long-term solution to ensure safe and reliable land transport. citizens.


Alanne Kelly

High-tech cells in BC are rare moments in which animals are usually unable to see.

The WildSafeBC has unified more than 100 wildlife videos during the Wild Shane video series. The full video has been viewed more than 1100 times in five hours.

WildSafeBC senior provincial coordinator Frank Rites calls the favorite video clip for six minutes as a wolf pack and their episodes.

"How often do you give us a picture of a wolf kit and a picture of their wolves?" He said. "Not often."

Cameras BK interacting with the wolf and the bear, the golden eagles and the crows, the bobsads, the burners, and even the monarch butterfly.

"Some things we like to see are things that animals do not usually see," said Ritsie.

Living in wildlife, it was the presentation of wild animals to people.

"In our opinion, when we look at nature in nature, it looks better than garbage," said Ritsie.

The slogan 'WildSafeBC' calls for "conservation of wildlife and the community," and hopes to teach communities ways to reduce the number of wildlife conflicts.

The full movie can be found on the WildSafe BC page.

Members of the High School Volleyball Team crashed Tuesday, leaving the hospital and heading to Prince George.

The Airline's ambulance crew and paramedics set off after the 97th school vans near the cache crash.

At the train station there were 10 players and two employees at the College Junction High School. One person had to be transported from the scene.

Team member wishes to thank all who have expressed their wishes.

"We will all be well," said Cagari. "Thanks for all our prayers and love."

One player was in serious condition, but left the hospital on Tuesday night.

School District 57 Marilyn Marquis-Forster tells Kastanetti that five students are being treated in a local hospital in Kamloops.

"In the evening at the Camlock Hotel with our girls and adults our whole group was together and planned their way home," says Marquis-Forster. "Our understanding is that they are on the road now, going home."

"We are very happy," he said. "We had fears … but today we are glad and they come home."

The reason for the collision is investigation.

Alanne Kelly

November 28, 2018 / 11:01 AM | Event:

The staff in the unique garden in downtown Vancouver will soon be in the park and eat 10 of the most valuable fish.

The crew is working to reduce the level of rotation in the classic Chinese kindergarten Dr. Sun Jet-Sen, and Debbie Cheng says Wednesday that the water level will be low enough to clean the fish.

One of the specially crafted coats has been taken to aquarium in Vancouver for safety reasons after entering the weekend, and Chung is looking for two people and the search goes on for a third.

Efforts to find a person and to throw away garbage have failed, and Cheung has been an animal for at least three days.

According to him, it will reduce the water level in the pond for removal of fish, because there is no chance to find out that the flock is still close after crossing the busy streets 10 days before reaching the kindergarten.

"We've scratched our heads," Chung says. "The Otters did not eat any of our coats from Sunday,

The drama has gained some imagination, spawned several social media hashtags, and even formed hypothetical teams for the success of the hetero or co-operation.

Once the flock is returned, it has plans to move it to the Fraser Valley.

Cutting off your Christmas tree is a respected tradition, and if people are allowed to go to the forest for a forest, they must first get permission.

Access is available through the Internet, or accessible to local natural resource units or to FrontCounter. Contact your office.

Offices of local natural resources can provide accurate information about harvesting and approved harvesting areas.

Free use permissions are for personal use only. Tree felling on Christmas trees is illegal for sale or for sale on unauthorized felling.

Keep in mind the following tips when cutting a Christmas tree:

  • Leave the house. Bring ropes, gloves, tools, tire chains, first aid kit, mobile phone and warm clothing.
  • Be careful. Be prepared to prepare the attachments.
  • Find the right tree before cutting. Only one tree can be trimmed in some permissions.
  • Do not leave the fungus as it can cause injury to animals, wild animals, pets or humans.
  • It is easy to choose a tree that is sliced ​​close to the base and transport it. Remaining residual trees in the forest may cause summer fires.
  • Clean and remove all service-related waste.

Members of the public remind about the inspection of the online maps provided by the districts to ensure cutting in a certain area. Due to the population density and demand for wood, Chilliwack has no access.

B.C. His mother, who survived for several months in Ghana, attempted to bring his adoptive child back to Canada, without having children.

Kim Moran was waiting for his son's immigration papers, but when he was hospitalized, he was forced to come home.

He came to Vancouver International Airport on Tuesday without his two-year-old son Aio.

"Maybe they had come to the airport and knew me … The most important thing to do was leave me alone and come home with them," Kim told CTV.

Moran, after summer in Ghana, her husband Clark flew to Nigeria to complete the adoption. A few weeks later, Clark is expected to return to Canada and leave Kim and Ai in Ghana.

Documents have not been completed for more than three months.

"We are a teenager, no family, we are trying to help a small child without a home, life, or home in Canada, as we have been hit by a roadside road lock," Kim said.

Clarke now has Aida in Ghana, so she knows who needs medical care.

According to Canadian immigrants, the process may take two years, depending on the country of origin of the child. Morandi's documents were adopted in February 2017.

"Today, Accra's Mission is trying to process this request promptly," said Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen.

– There are CTV Vancouver files

The classes have been resumed at Cambridge College in Victoria after the weekend.

According to the college, three buildings were reconstructed in a remote campus of the city and fire broke out.

Business and accessibility center, CIS Sports Development Institute and Trade and Innovation Center were closed on Monday and Tuesday, CTV News reports.

Police said he was still in town when he was arrested.

30-year-old Aaron Rashke was interrupted, burned, burned, stolen.

No one was hurt in the fire, but the covers covered about 2000 students.

– There are CTV files on the island of Vancouver

In Vancouver, the company is calling it a "green" Christmas.

For the second year in a row, CannaCalendar presents a candy potter who likes potatoes.

Cyber ​​Monday, for $ 139 or $ 99 a week, is not sure how to get weed weeds in their lives, which can lead to 25 days of different strains.

In a CannaCalendar interview with Bobbi Hopeful CTV News, sections are filled with different strainers than the previous versions.

"Last year they are not smart, and our elves try to fill the calendar with 25 grams," he said in Vancouver, XBV.

"With all the records that can be expected depending on the high or drug value of each strain, the effect will depend on the strain. The clever way to know which one works best for you. «

– There are CTV Vancouver files

Const. The wolf lasts for a while.

Coquitlam RCMP is an honorable designer. The amateurs have a long-term contract. For a live, metal poster board of the traffic officer, the pilot project exceeded expectations and slowed down speeds rather than initially.

Since its establishment on September 18, RCMP has monitored its impact through the BlackCat speed control system.

"Maybe the biggest surprise, and even after two weeks, people in Constantine's presence slowed down. Wolf, "Cpl. Michael McLaughlin "The number of drivers with a speed of around 10 km / h is less than Constance's. Black box installed. «

The Constable Scarecrow Company is now proving its prowess, and the project has been extended for one year. Early signs – this is a const. The wolf accepts the prolongation of his condition.

Some of his perceptions include safety features, such as refurbished, heavyweight, and more accurate, reflective tapes that fit the ribbon of the police uniform.

"We are glad to have the Constable Scarecrow a great honor, but we all realize it's not on its side," McLaughlin said. "We designate additional executive groups to support Const. Wolf. He's a few words and his colleagues, who are still in the process, still have the opportunity to write down tickets for those who choose speed. "

Two Nanaimo elderly people were beaten and subjected to violence.

Three male couples entered their home for about 4 hours through a sliding door.

The suspects damaged the beetle on the head of a man before binding the man with the belts, CTV News correspondent reports. Then they stole the house for a period of 20 minutes, kidnapped several things, and stole a pair of cars.

Finally, the woman wanted to release her and call for help. The medical assistant was hospitalized and was treated for contamination.

Police say the attackers can go to a private home if they are mistaken.

"It was a targeted event, which was based on conversations with the victim and some of the suspects, but they got a bad home." Gary O & # 39; Brien reported CTV.

Policemen use public support to identify attackers.

"We expect this to be a fast achievement because you have standards that do not cross," says Brian. "You do not favor old people."

Dos Mike Goga provided a $ 5,000 reward for information that would even lead to arrest.

– There are CTV files on the island of Vancouver

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