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SYDNEY, N.S. – ServiCom's offer to sell a deal to a businessman in Iowa, Iowa, announced Thursday that the debts of Call Center to its creditors were "free and clear" at the American bankruptcy court.

Extreme reprimand 3 hours Atlantic Time to confirm sale on Tuesday.

The judiciary is composed of ServiCom Canada Ltd. says that there will be no money in the Sydney Call Center for more than 500 employees, but some of them will be paid within three to four weeks.

Earlier 600 employees were estimated to have been recruited, but court documents show that ServiCom has "about 500 people" in Canada.

Parent company JNET Communications and ServiCom LLC, ServiCom Canada Ltd. and Steve Kindseth, a representative of Vitel Communications LLC, set the price for $ 400,000. He is looking for a court to abstain from a 14-day waiting period to accelerate the transaction.

Anthony Marlow and MCI MCA – MCI, Iowa, signed a contract to purchase the only assets of ServiCom – GM OnStar, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, AT & T Services and Allstate Motor Club.

New Haven, Conn., Listed in the U.S. bankruptcy court, is offered to sell Kindseth, if offered, "high and good offers".

ServiCom also offered $ 50,000 "breakup fee" to MCI Canada, as MCI has spent money and other resources over the past few weeks.

Coral Capital Solutions has a $ 8.1 million receivable from Debian Debt to ServiCom from Nov. 15, 2009, but Coral has not yet collected money from ServiCom's customers.

Employees may have a sense of cold, they believe that they will return the money. They paid on November 21, and planned to pay last week, but not later than 5 December, the deal was over and the next day forced ServiCom to stop all operations.

"Debtors are not obligated to pay the postpaid wage, thanks to former ServiCom employees in Canada," wrote Kindseth.

According to him, JNET and its companies, first and foremost, are trying to organize the sale of funds for serviCom Canada's funds, but have faced two "unobtrusive barriers" – the Service has no material assets because of the "real value" of its contracts and bankruptcy in Canada In the case of workers' payroll laws, transferring assets to early retirees is difficult.

"(He) may not have significant uncertainty and risks, including the Client's required term, which does not fulfill any of the Services that the Customer does not require."

Provincial and federal government officials were amazed at the informal session on Friday to help dismissed employees.

Even the buyer who has been waiting for the purchase, is a tough turn to re-open the call center on New Year's Eve. This is a concern for Keith McNeil, who works for AT & T.

AT & T company ServiCom informed Canadian lawyer that the site will terminate the contract with the call center if this site did not work until January 1.

"I can not see why it does not move forward. They expect him to be open before Christmas. It's a hope, "says McNeel, as he expects to provide financial support for New Scotland's employment.

He did not tell ServiCom how difficult the financial situation was. According to McNeigh, it costs about $ 1,000.

"Given all this, people often stay in the dark. (We) Totem low on a pole ".

Former ServiCom employee Mazen Vasel, who has worked for two years at the Calli Center, has expressed confidence in the new management team to be as painless as possible.

"ServiCom offers jobs for many people in the community and many families depend on it. I understand that there is a short period of time when there will be no payouts but positive. "

She says: "I understand that many people are sorry, but in the end I feel like everyone is working."

According to Tod Riley, formerly ServiCom's Canadian site director, he does not know whether a significant salary will be restored – either through a federal government program or a new owner.

"We'll see what we have, and if we do, we'll see what we can do with the new owner," he said.

Upon completion of sales, Riley said employees could stay for five or six days before returning to the call center floor.

Kindseth said on Wednesday Wednesday that ServiCom worked with the New Zealand Government as well as with Canada's Ministry of Employment and Social Development, which oversees the employees' salaries protection program.

The program allows employees to repay lost wages, rewards and vacation payments if the employer transfers money to the bankruptcy or cash.

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