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Raptors Takeaways: Enable to continue with the green signature


The Toronto Raptors won the game against Orlando Magik in an unexpected turnout in their four pre-game games.

The rapper scored 18 points and had the magical magic before the first hit, but the cold spell of the third quarter, including the depths of 1 to 10, helped Magia to make the game. Here are the winners of the Raptors 93-91:

Green lantern

The rapper Danny Green avoided the rush of bells. After Green, Evan Fernney, who had 27 points from Orlando, had no connection to the game he first owned, and Raptors later named the Green number. After 2.5 seconds, he began to turn around the screen and collected points from Kiel Lawrie's bristle jump and the 15-foot hoist of 0.5 seconds to beat the Raptor rose to the jump.

In addition to a double block against Qawhi Leonard in Boston this season, add to the list of the Green Tournament Signer at the beginning of this season.

Despite the fact that Leonard was in the relative shade of the Treaty, he received the Raptors in the first months of Green Grins. A 31-year-old security guard has played a natural leadership role in a 10-year veteran training camp with his NBA title, and has gained popularity and voice both inside and outside the court.

The main squad for the first qualification is the defensive player and the greatest threat to the hooligan team. One of his greatest attributes, such as the Raptors, is that he does not require the ball to be effective, and he is a respectable figure in the years of San Antonio. "Green" – scored two points and "Raptor" play in three points, if it owns the eighth place in athletics with a score of 7.5 points.

No need for additional metrics to know if the green effect is great. But if you want it, there are 119.2 points in Grin's attacking rankings, the second place among NBA players, making it an average of 20 or more minutes, only Stef Kerry (119.6). If you affect defense, its 16.9 points will be the best in a private league.

He completed three games on Tuesday, one stealing and one point with 13 points.

The Raptory did not need a winner in the remix to win the Green Raptors or their supporters when they helped in the 14th-4th edition of the NBA. But it is not harmful.

Iba does not move

Serge Ibag continues his vision. In the fight against racist attack on Tuesday, Iba finished with 14 points and nine flexibility, including on the clutches and shelves. Raising Lowry's beat pops would have to be the winner of the Raptors:

After getting one more point from Loire (9 minutes and 32 minutes), Iakara Leonard took the second place (17.5 points) and reached the rebound (7.8) and the first in the block (1.4). His season's turnover was great.

When the rebels sold Terrence Ross to Ibrah two years ago, he suggested strengthening the potential of the front-line and introducing the experience of the playoffs. After the play-offs that made you worry at the end of last season, you were convinced that the two sides were unlucky. This season is closer to the post-border issue than the short-term and long-term plans of Ipak Raptors. What now? He saw his humiliating potential of the Nord Nurses, especially in the Raptory, much more than his defense. He proved to be an integral part of a puzzle.

He also made two colonnaded monsters for Toronto in the center, along with Jonas Valenciennes. They even rarely meet with the court. On the front floor of the Magic Mosque, Mo Bamboa and Jonathan Isaac have a tall, beautiful and fast duo, Naked Ibaka and Valenciunas on the floor, green on the floor, Fred Van Wit and Lorenzo Brown (during a very extensive playback). Bamba and Isaac did not fit in with the great men of the Raptors, and Toro quickly upheld the 14 points from Orlando and scored 18 points, Nick Vutsevic.

The repertors are opposed to the winning team

Perhaps we would expect a tough night for Toronto in this season, given that we play against the prize teams.

The retailer has introduced the best record of the league in this game, as well as one of the easiest schedules. Rhapsts against the winning teams were only 3-4 on Tuesday. Now this improvement is 4-4, one of the most important criteria for evaluating rapportors against the remaining NBA potential candidates.

Magic was entering the game 9-8 on Tuesday, thanks to an exciting mix of talent (and their mild calendar), not in this category, and why did the East show a little cake for this season? front The next opponent of the Special Raptor, 3-14 Atlanta Hawks, goes on a road on Wednesday in Toronto, where he has lost eight games.

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