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Philanthropy of the Bible

Published December 30, 2018
Carolyn Fortuna

December 30, 2018 by Carolyn Fortuna

The very short and brutal web site of the Merk Foundation sets out four areas of grant support: researches and propagation of renewable energy, research and propagation of human space research, pediatric research, science and engineering education. Tesla's Chief Executive Officer, Elon Mus, is the sole owner of the Muscat fund, which has so far invested at least $ 257 million. It is a philanthropist who can achieve clean water, natural disasters, and innovations in all sorts of sustainable development. Grants for Progressive Social Reforms – this is what Mask philanthropy can do with state aid programs when resources are to be methodologically and intentionally directed.

But he does not expect institutional intervention – just like others, Mask chose to donate his wealth to many generations, but to give charity. Mask, a member of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and others, is a member of the Arbitration Award, some of the mega-wealth riches have made many of them just to achieve fair goals, quick and high-quality goals.

Business achievements of Muscat are associated with altruism

"It is not the strongest species ever to survive … the most intelligent of survivors. This is the most adapted to change.
Charles Darwin –

Climate scientists know that this century should be kept below 2 degrees Celsius (compared to the industrial level). The climatic agreement in Paris is aimed at achieving this goal. And most importantly, fortunately, cost-effective business solutions and sustainable energy initiatives are now highly compatible.

Elon Mus saw how stability could look through various companies in the future, and he has shown the potential for energy efficiency and earning a lot of money.

In its perfect configuration, Tesla All-Electric can be energized at Tesla Powerwall, attracting solar panels to SolarCity solar panels or Tesla solar panels. This harmony meets the needs of a person for the whole house and transportation. No, these are not examples of philanthropy. On the contrary, they are the pursuit of common good, as Tesla products help to accelerate the mass perception of sustainable energy.

Another Musk company, SpaceX, produces, manufactures and manufactures advanced rockets and spacecrafts. The company is based on space technology development in 2002 and has the ultimate goal of helping people survive on other planets. Neuralink develops very high bandwidth-type brain-machine interfaces for connecting people and computers. The company aims to create a PC-based interface. (In 2015, Mask donated $ 10 million to the Institute for the Future of Life to conduct a global study of human values.) Boring Company is looking for the fastest and fastest way to develop low-speed tunnels. transit through densely populated regions.

However, in business and delivery, Musus regularly returns to the need for fossil fuels to switch to renewable energy, such as wind and solar. "We are burning coal and oil," he said. Indeed, humanity has never had a share in the civilization. The future of the planet is dangerous, and many solutions arise from the stimulus proposed by billionaire such as Elon Mus.

Charity for social and environmental justice

"The philanthropy and social change work is most effective when it comes to your values ​​and in conjunction with the things that are most important."
– Charles Bronfman –

Funds, investors, philanthropic organizations and some government agencies around the world have funded and supported innovative business forms dealing with specific public or environmental missions. Mask is the kind of person that seeks to promote social equity and equity in an environmentally sound way. Having successfully solved such difficulties can have a positive effect on other difficulties, which is a popular domino effect. Provide an example of technological advancement to provide a good education for small children.

The philanthropy of the Bible is "width =" 570 "height =" 380 "srcset =" 570w, https : // 270w, 12 / children-sub-Saharan-Africa-768x512.jpg 768w, 1200w sizes = "( max-width: 570px) 100vw, 570pxAs one of the most visited philanthropists, he has donated $ 15 million to the XPRIZE program called Mask Global Learning. This competition will allow various teams around the world to develop open source, scalable software that allows children in developing countries to master basic reading, writing and arithmetic within 15 months. The project recognizes that around 250 million children worldwide are unable to read, write, or demonstrate basic arithmetic skills.

At the start of the prize in 2014, 700 teams from 55 countries competed. By 2017, 5 testimonies have been made in more than 2,500 children in 141 remote villages in Eastern Kazakhstan to test each group's application.

The team will win XPRIZE, which will raise approximately 500 children to literacy levels.

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Flint, MI Water Pollution

"Mercy is commendable, but it should not ignore the economic injustices that require philanthropy philanthropy".
– Martin Luther King, Junior –

Within the framework of charity there is an important relationship between the three main agents in our society – the government, business and people.

The philanthropy of the Bible "width =" 570 "height =" 380 "srcset =" 570w , 270w, files / 2018/12 / unused-Flint-school-water-fountains.jpg 600w sizes = (width: 570px) 100vw, 570pxFour years ago, flint water supply and other toxins were found in Michigan state. The community struggled with water pollution problems. In October 2018, the Mus and Merk Foundation donated $ 480,350 to install new flood pumps in all schools. "Water purification methods in water filtration systems eliminate lead and bacteria from water pipes that allow pupils to drink water bottles from school flood pits," said a press release in Flint.

Derrick Lopez, former Flint Community School Teacher, said: "New water filtration systems will help our students help bring the school's water fountains cleaner, cleaner, and cleaner."

Muscat is also promising to repair any water purification system that has been contaminated by Flashed premises in 2018.

Puerto Rico Power Infrastructure

"The results of philanthropy are always out of the question."
– Mary Ritter Beard –

In the end of 2017, Ricardo Rossello, the governor of Puerto Rico, talked to Elon Musk through the social network Twitter, about the possibility of intervention in the island's island after the storm of the island of Tessa. Reporter Maria Galloucci, the island's water purification facility, is unable to provide drinking water, markets and restaurants can not cool foodstuffs, banks have failed to operate, and people have failed to communicate with mobile phones or the Internet. Street lights and traffic lights stopped working. Schools and hospitals have shut their doors.

Tesla Powerwall «srcset =» 270w, https: //c1cleantechnicacom-wpengine.netdna-ssl .com / files / 2018/10 / Tesla-Powerwall-Double Installation-768x426.png 768w, 570x316 .png 570w, 1158w "sizes =" (max-width: 270px) 100vw, 270pxMask provided Tesla's services to help restore Puerto Rico's power. After the first private sponsorship, $ 250,000 sent hundreds of Powerwall rechargeable battery packages to the island. By the end of October, Mask and Tesla returned the island's largest children's hospital to the full power by combining Powerwall sets and solar energy technology. This was because Tesla technology was able to bypass a broken energy grid infrastructure.

The company has participated in another 6 battery projects in Puerto Rico, Susan Senteno Hospital, Vueznes Girls and Girls Club, Arcadia Water Pumping Station, sanitation sewage treatment facility and Ciudad Dora Elder Care Association.

Each package connecting existing solar arrays is 550 kWh. In April, Tesla shipped more than 1000 batteries, which currently supplies 662 seats.

Follow mathematics to determine how much MW has already been used for testing. Йоуза!

Tessel contributions became part of the Big Initiative to make green-green dealings from Puerto Rico's reliance on fossil fuel. Mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulin Cruz presented at the meeting of the Sunder Institute an idea of ​​a pure energy self-sufficiency that characterized the reliability of the island's renewable energy as a need to "survive, not just to survive, but to survive."

The philanthropy of the Bible is "width =" 4200 "height =" 2795 "srcset =" 4200w, https: // / 270w, Puerto Rico Storm-Damage-768x511.jpg 768w, 570w «sizes =» ( max-width: 4200px) 100vw, 4200px

Photo PRI

Politics and altruism intersect

"Politics has nothing to do with morals."
– Niccolo Machiavelli –

According to Influence Watch research conducted by Foundation Search, Mask Foundation has contributed to at least one non-profit, liberal-oriented Cato Institute.

The Mask Foundation also provides funding for political organizations that support the progressive agenda and enter the National Wildlife Federation; Sierra Club Foundation; grant program of the new venture fund; Global Green USA; Energy Fund; Clinton Foundation; People at American Way Foundation; Oxfam America; Oceana; BlueGreen Alliance Foundation; Tides Center; and the Natural Resource Conservation Council (NRDC).

Recent thoughts

"If you live in the morning and think that the future is good, that is a bright day. Otherwise, it is not.
– Elon Muscov –

According to Lord, the Greek playwriter Ashyl b. In the 5th century, "love for humanity" was termed "charity." One such example is the moral, scientific and ecological altruism, which is rarely seen in our society, such as Elon Merk who uses power and authority. It is time, money, experience, skill, skills and talents to help you build a good world.

Many philanthropists are eager to help solve social problems and help others. And, yes, the US federal tax code encourages transfer in different ways (still – at least – upgraded to April 2019). It provides deductions to donors on property tax on income, capital increase and charity contributions. Of course, Elon McMusk and other billionaires are well aware of the financial benefits of charity.

However, even Mask itself has so much connection with philanthropy that tax benefits are only part of a much larger whole. Indeed, through its ecological philistropism, Mask today introduced social-demographic variables to values, knowledge, political orientation and the equality of American wealth. He has shown that the highest social groups can do the right thing when he is called by ethical and productive ways.

We need to engage in inter-sectoral, honest debate over the position of our planet, and we should engage in responses that we perceive as a global community, such as good environmental management, at least partly as models of the Masqueradian philanthropy. Success stories and failures may affect remote villages or the oil industry, a farmer who is exposed to the burning of forests, or a small city polluted with water. The philanthropy of Mask deserves our attention and gratitude.

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