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Realme U1 initial test results began with the official launch of your own camera models


Realme U1 initial test results began with the official launch of your own camera models

Photo credit: Twitter / Realme

Real Estate Company U1 has shown good results in the competition with the Helio P70

On November 28, the first phone with MediaTek Helio P70 SoC debut Realme U1 will debut on November 28 in India. However, a few days before the official launch, Realme complained about the key performance indicators of the smartphone. The handgrip uses the Helio P70, which forms as an eight-core SoC, and is used with a multi-nucleus APU for AI processing. The chipset is based on MediaTek's NeuroPilot, designed to improve the performance of artificial intelligence (AI). Realmal also acquainted some toys with models of their own camera, the Realme U1. Self-directed smartphone also has 296 pages of self-photography.

Among other players, Real is on his Twitter account on Thursday confused Realme U1 key performance indicators. The upcoming smartphone uses the MediaTek Helio P70, which surpasses the results of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 and Huawei & # 39; s Kirin 710. The curator has an overall score of 145 021 at the AnTuTu Benchmark v7, and the Kirin 710 takes the second place with 139,974 points and Snapdragon 636 with the final 115 611 points.

It's worth noting that the actual performance of the Helio P70 is still tested as a debut for Realme U1 to get new silicon as the world's first smartphone. Last month, the chipset has four Cortex-A73 cores and four other Cortex-A53 nuclei. It also includes a TSMC 12nm multifunctional APU based on the FinFET process and up to 525 MHz.

The results of the review put some toys showing Realm U1's original performance. One of the players shows a 296 page recognition point will appear to improve your personality on the smartphone. Of course, the AI-featured face-to-face feature suggests that your portrait will styling your pictures. It has been confirmed that Real1 U1 has the "most powerful self-contained camera" ever built in the water reservoir.

Realm has also introduced the upcoming smartphone there is one specificity background and front hold. The image of the media is also displayed The ability to automatically adjust the backlight levels Preventing many strikes due to lighting in the photo. Also, Realme U1 is confusing has a unique feature.

Details on the technical specifications and price of Realme U1 are not yet out. However, on November 28, the planned smartphone is expected to come to India after Amazon.

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