Sunday , June 20 2021

Researchers develop an application that can test anemia by using a single photo

Anemia is the most common blood disorder in the world, with its estimated impact on about 2 billion people. For strangers, basically, human beings lack red blood cells or hemoglobin, resulting in some signs (not necessarily illness) that include fatigue, weakness, reduced breathing, and so on.

Prior to testing for anemia, patients were required to undergo an invasive blood test to determine what hemoglobin level was, but thanks to researchers from the Emory University, they made cross-platform mobile applications (9to5Mac), which is clearly a photo of an anemia in your nails.

In principle, the application will take a snapshot of your nails. Then the users ask where the nails are located and then the program analyzes it. It ignores the brightness of the camera and tells you the level of hemoglobin based on your nails, so you can use it to determine if you define anemia.

Of course, this test does not guarantee anemia, but gives you an opportunity to check for yourself to see if you can see a doctor, considering how fast you work and not invasive. Unfortunately, the program is currently not available to the public and can not be watched.

Given the interest in developing affordable and non-invasive medical devices, we are not surprised that companies such as Apple want to incorporate their iPhone in the future.

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