Sunday , June 20 2021

Samsung creates a test photo using a DSLR image – TechCrunch

Samsung has Malaysian handsets. The Galaxy A8 Star has the power to portray a smartly portrayed A8 Star, and then push the A8 to show the ultimate photo-racing capabilities.

The trouble came when a Serbian photographer, Dunja Djudjic, discovered that someone had purchased one of the so-called EyeEm photographs, giving pictures to Getty Images for the famous photographer. The buyer liked the Drajjic and quickly found its image – within a single inch of his life – on Samsung's Malaysian product page.

Dajjic, ​​in turn, was a good sportsman.

The first reaction was smile. Take a look at the Photoshop works on face and hair! I always like the natural hairstyle (though it is gray and white), but I think it likes the red-tone, which makes the video. In places where all blood vessels are removed except for sources.

Whoever created this video, they hid me from the original and put me in a casual photo of the park. In my opinion, if I remember better, the original photo was taken at f / 2.0, and they would require a photo with a sharp backdrop – "back" and "after" – and, second, the powerful "portrait mode". Thus, the Samsung Photoshop wizard decided it through another background.

This step is based on the decision of Huawei to shoot the same photograph in August.

To be fair, Samsung is talking about it. "The images on the screen are imitation images and only for demonstration purposes," they say, delivering excellent print at the bottom of the page. Fortunately, for Djudjic Samsung has paid for its photo.

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