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Sara Silverson at the online business on Disney's "Ralph" comedy


"Ralph Breaks Internet" film festival, held at "El Capitan" theater. Visitors: Sarah Silverman.

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When Sara Silverman completes some of the cool and interesting words about the American Philosophy Department in the Trumpet, she suddenly fights Red Bull and is scared to say, "This thing really does work!"

Disney's Ralph Breaks, on behalf of the Internet, is the sequel to the Wreck-It Ralph, an animated blockbuster in 2012, for the first time or the last time the actress and comedy move to a deeply thought-out area when performing their advertising duties. At a previous press conference, a professional reporter asked the filmmakers and directors to show their true protection, which is compatible with one of the big themes in the movie. The answers were so deep and dark, so the star John Rayley finally said, "Do we want to talk about the cartoon movie?

During this interview with Postmedia, medium-term elections have begun in their country. For example, politics is probably the word of Silverman. Anyway, Ralph Franc paid much attention to rounds on the Internet, and he showed that our favorite good toy video player (Rayley's talk) is entering a bold new world to help his new creations. Rush racer Vanellope von Schweetz (Speaking of Silverman).

As the original fans know, Rallf has found a new purpose in life when winning Vanellop's friendship. Since the sicvell began, she is pleased with the life of the heroes of the family entertainment center of Lithuania and other vintage video games that make the clock look after Arkady's power strips. Vanellop is a two-industry enterprise that connects to the terrifying and delicious world of Internet, with newly built-in wireless communication with the hope of providing an old steering wheel on eBay, while the competition is endangered and endangered.

"It's a feeling of emotion and how we deal with them," says Silverman, "with the harmful and hopeful and finally healthy ways to deal with our demons and deal with them." "In fact, we feel. Security can be achieved and still deserves love. We may be afraid of changes Be courageous to be there. At this point, there is nothing more human and much more, it is paralyzed by its perception of change, distortion, chaos change and fear of change. Half of the country is trying to make progress, and half of us are afraid to change. "

Do not be afraid, Ralph affects the Internet chaos, fears, representation of women in the film, and even online disgust when the Internet worsens, and even the Disney movie. It's funny, fast and intriguing, as well as an illusion of how the Internet works, it's a multi-layered, imaginative city full of colorful creatures, goats, and robotic avatars of users.

But the heart of the film is friendship between Ralph and Vanelli. After finding his first true friend, Ralph made the day's movie a trick, and he was convinced that he had been watching Vanellople for hours, having roots brewed and enjoying a great life in Tapper video games. Vanellop, on the other hand, saturated Rush strives to have fun, rather than promoting a game play. When couples discover a bold new world of the Internet, Verellop is surprised by his capabilities, especially violence, in the unpredictable Slaughter Race games.

The film features a series of new and old characters, including extensions from the expanded Disney / Marvel / Star Wars world. At one point, Vanellope entered the Disney Princess, many of whom were featured in genuine original actresses. Finally, he forces his traditional princess cabin to abandon a more comfortable jeans and hoodie combine. This is a wonderful joke for a hidden young girl.

– For it "Do you have a corset and a high heel and clothed clothes or cold or uncomfortable? Are you still in love? "Boys should never be educated and never think about them made to survive physically or emotionally. It's a very strange concept and a very surprising, unique woman.

To become the official part of Disney Princess Club, Vanelliop must find the song of Disney Princess. This gave Silvan an opportunity to tell the terrible numbers written by veteran Disney composer Alan Menken. The sound of Shock, the star of a duel – a severely slinging flight between the magnificent "Silverman" and "Gal Gadot", which is called the "Saddle Race". It was typical of Disney songs, some of my daughters are some days, but with serious turns.

"It's such a wonderful thing to me, and it's just the idea of ​​being a princess of Disney, but I did it myself and I did it myself," says Silverman. "I feel very warm about it, and she has expressed her views on this Disney Princess song. First of all, it's just about deconstructing the song and being a princess of Disney, and this is a question of answering the question and questioning the power and questioning the rules that are not questionable because it has always been. "

However, although it may be possible to solve these critical issues in the film, Silverman notes that the experience is not only fun. It was an interesting song. It was fun to go back to the vocal booth, because it was close relationship with Raylie, two of them had been killed – Ralph. The improvisation was fun.

"I think they always require extra time, but they need it," says Silverman. "Because we got a real conversation. And, of course, the album is recorded in audio recordings anywhere, such as the R-rated comedy album.

Did he think that Oscar wanted to sing Disney song?

"When we wrote it, otherwise I told it," she says.

Ralph destroys the Internet on November 21.

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