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Schmidt's capital is not too long to develop Golden Knights in Astana

LAS VEGAS – Nath Schmidt scored two goals, including the goal of a strong 1: 25 score, while Vegas Golden Knights defeated the 5-3 Washington capitals at T-Mobile Arena on Tuesday.

Schmidt, who played four seasons with Washington before setting up the NHL Expansion 2017 project, scored 4-3 goals for the sixth knight in the first goal of the season, remaining 11 seconds Nic Dowdadult adult sticky.

He took the passage of the defender Shei Theodore Skiing in Washington, near the blue grass in Vegas, hitting the back of the globe for the first goal of the season.

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"If last year it would be cold [in the Stanley Cup Final], but it is still cool, "said Schmidt, who entered the empty net with a score of 5-3 in seven seconds.

Cody Eakin He had a goal and a helper Ryan Reaves and Pierre Edouard Bellemare "Golden Knight" (15-13-1), they have won seven games six times. Marc-Andre Fleur Save 23.

Video: WSH @ VGK: Bellemare, Eakin Over 16 seconds

The Wrath of Man two goals, and Alex Ovechkin For the first time since winning the Stanley Cup on June 7, he finished with a 4-3 victory in the 5th final of the 20th of June for the capitals (15-9-3) played in Vegas. Braiden Holbbie Save 23.

About the purpose of Holtbee Schmidt: "I just do not mistake it. "I have to look at it again, and I read it and thought it was coming from above."

Washington has lost two lines after winning seven games.

"I think we were very tough," Vranana said. "We did not achieve the desired result and we need to pay attention to the next game."

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In order to give Vegas a 1-0 lead, the game has strengthened the game by 2: 30.

Astana residents joined the 1-1 at 15:33. Later Brett Connolly Washington has forced Teodor to circulate in the blue network, shaking deep into the Vegas region and creating a Vrana for 2 timers in 2.

Ovechkin scored a goal at 11:42 in the second round and Fleury hit the bar.

Steps forward Tom Wilson in the second half of the game at 15:42, after being hit by a serious injury, Reeves left the game.

"I thought he was staring at it," Reeves said. "I thought that I had seen a lion in the jungle, and saw that I had seen it, and if I could see it, I knew that I would try it, and I would not allow it. he thought he was on his shoulders and did not think it was late. "

Video: WSH @ VGK: Vrana is a great home-cooked home of Connolly

Washington coach Todd Reiden said that Reeves opposed the game with Wilson.

"You can listen to it everywhere, hear what you say, and it looks like a suspicious player is drowning in the ice," he said. "It raises the mood, you can put two or two together, but it has attacked all the games."

Gold knights "Revers" scored a penalty and scored two goals in 16 seconds in the third period.

Bellemare linked her to 2: 2 at 2:33, and Eakin climbed her NHL up to 200th with a 3-2 score.

There were 4 to 4 casualties in Vegas.

«[Golden Knights coach Gerard Gallant] our team has been criticized at the third stage and has urged our team to take care of the difficult, smart and all aspects of the game, "said Schmidt." The feeling in this room is that we can catch the speed if we kill it.

Vranana equaled the second hour of the night at 11:40 and equaled to 3-3.

Video: WSH @ VGK: Vrana plays the second goal

They said that

"When we gave them credit, we did a good job, and we did a few things, but we did not expect it. [Wilson]. … That would come to her. – Coach of the Todd Reed from the capital will play 0-4 in the energy game

"It's a great victory, I do not want to get away tonight from our game, but I think it's very important for us to go out and get ready for it, because I think if this is not important." – The Defense of Golden Knights Nath Schmidt

You need to know

Ovechkin has scored at least 20 goals in each of 14 NHL seasons. For the third time there were 20 games in 27 or more games (2013-14, 24 games, 2007-08, 27 games). … Ovechkin's goal was to shoot 4999 at NHL. Gold knight forward Oscar Lindberg instead of playing for the second place, there were two assistants at 13:49 Max Pacioretty, which is scarred because of illness.

What's next

Capitals: On Thursday at Arizona Coimbra (February 9, FS-A PLUS, NBCSWA, NHL.TV)

Gold Knights: Chicago Blackhawk on Thursday (February 10, SN360, SN1, SNE, SNO, ATTSN-RM, NBCSCH, NHL.TV)

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