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Shark Discovery: Prehistoric sharks in America with mustache teeth | Science News


Ancient sharks belonging to the Darwinist sharks family were found among thousands of fossil remains and teeth. After the Aiken district was discovered, the shark was named Isogomphodon aikenensis. The discovery was led by researchers from the State Museum of Columbia Columbia Dave Cicimurry and Jim Knight. Mr. Cimurry is the current curator of the Museum of Natural History and Mr. Knight is a person before him.

Aiken County is located on the south-western border of South Carolina, over 100 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

But 30 million years ago, this region had to be 20 feet to 30 feet (6.1m to 9.1m) of salt water.

Prehistoric sharks, crocodiles and turtles were created to prosper.

Researchers have presented the discovery of their sharks in the peer reviewed PaleoBios magazine.

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Mr.Night said to Aiken standard: "It is possible to increase knowledge about Paleobioanality at any time, which is very interesting.

Cholys usually grow to about 4.5 feet in length.

The length of the history of daggernose would be the same for adults when it reached five feet (1.52 m).

The sharks were very short and thin, with a quarter of their length and gave them a look like a needle.

According to Mr. Ctsimurry, it would be futile to pick up teeth from sharks.

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He might have thought, "Perhaps he had eaten small fish and grabbed them with small teeth like needles.

"Then they destroyed them. He did not chew his food. "

An ancient daggernozza is the first planet on the planet.

But Tsikimurri said that the tailguys were found in other parts of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

He said, "If they were in another place, I would not be surprised."

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