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Shungers, a storm named after the CFL team


Atlant Shuners and Atlantic Attack between Atlantik Shuners and CFL competed for the competition in the opinion of a businessman trying to franchise for the largest city in Atlantic Canada.

Anthony LeBlanc, a Tengiz football association, says the favorite Shuners will be announced on Friday during the Green Cup in Edmonton.

LeBlanc said about the competition: "I am amazed that it is so close.

The Seafarer federation presented this month the first list of four possible titles: Atlantic Admirals, Conway, Sturm, and Shuners.

Individuals already demanded

Individuals who have opened their last-minute tickets have been given the opportunity to name their teams, at least two of them – Privateers and Destroyers – were interesting, Leblak said.

Anthony Leblank is the founder of Maritime Football Limited. (Robert Short / CBC)

According to him, Privateers is a favorite, but it can not be used at last.

"Unfortunately, it is [Privateers] the team that has already come to the city has been provided with a lacrosse, "he said.

Exclusive surveillance is part of a seasonal ticket that started two weeks ago.

LeBlanc said its group has received more than 5,000 deposits today, which will place fans at $ 50 per season as the top spot on seasonal tickets and the first place to pick the first place.

"If you have influenced the not-for-profit marketing concept so far, it is a phenomenal number," said Blanc. Last week I met the CFL governors' council, and they were delighted with the outcome.

CFL Commissioner, Randy Ambrosi Center, Maritime Football Limited founder Bruce Bouzer and Antony Leblank spoke to journalists at a press conference in Halifax. (Darren Calabrese / Canadian Press)

LeBlanc said that a large-scale campaign will be available during Friday's event.

He said it was important to get a "good base" for seasonal tickets to help fill the 24,000-seat stadium previously offered, and consider it as a goal of up to 12,000.

In turn, the Canadian Football League announced that it had no minimal number of seasonal tickets that it would like to see.

Last month, the Halifax Regional Council decided to send a group of city officials to conduct a business analysis of the group's stadium. The partners have offered a vacant space in the Shannon Park on the east coast of Halifax, a stadium area, and said that about 190 million dollars worth 190 million dollars needed public money.

Shannon Park and Dartmouth, as seen from the cyclone helicopter on July 13, 2018. (Carolyn Ray / CBC)

LeBlanc's group last week called for "ideas and ideas" with the chief administrative officer of the municipality, Jacques Duque, and other senior staff.

According to him, the goal is to deliver the package to Dubai early or mid-December, so it is possible to analyze the stadium financing model known as the tax increase.

According to the offer, developers of the Shannon Park will pay property tax to real estate, but this money will be distributed by the municipality and will be returned as a payment against the stadium debt.

Other options will also be available to help you find the total bill, including hotel marketing fees and new vehicle rental taxes.

"The biggest problem is that no one has escaped from it, and what is the level of risk for each participant and what is the acceptable level of risk here," said Blanc. "Everyone has always said the same thing: they want to see the numbers, so we work."

Public hearings in 2019

The public council for the planned stadium site may commence in February with its current owners, the Canadian land firm.

LeBlanz said he hopes the results of the regional municipality analysis will be available early in the spring.

The CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosine is scheduled to arrive in HFX Sports Bar on Friday, February 9, in Halifax, Edmonton. local time.

"I do not think this night will be the opposite," says Leblanck. "Certainly, everyone knows what the name of the team is, hopefully everyone will embrace it and have fun."

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