Thursday , August 18 2022

SoCal finds a leukemia patient donation meeting for the twins


A woman with twin teeth found in southern California, found a donor donor.

Based on the story about Susie Rabaka, who needed transplantation, the number of people writing to become the potential donor of the bones was record.

He was born on December 6 and suffered from bone marrow transplantation for treating leukemia.

After being released on November 22, ABC7 recorded over 40,000 people in the "Be Beat" register.

For more information on how much cellular donation is available, please visit "Be The Match".

Cervical transplantation can save lives for people with leukemia. But the donor should be close to working to work. There are about 30 million people in the world record.

Rabak is the mother of three. Her sister is a 50% match, but doctors say her is not enough to cure her aggressively myeloid leukemia.

He needed 100% match, but it was difficult to find the mixed heritage of Rabak – Latino and Caucasian donors.

Rabacah and her family set the task of signing as many potential donors as possible.

The registry is necessary for those who have a matchless ethnic heritage, especially for many other potential buyers.

Registrars say thousands of new donations were more ethnically different than the average.

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