When the Spider-Man joined the MCU, the deal did not last long. In the '90s, when Mariel licensed heroes to help sell her comic books, Sony acquired the film rights for Spidey. Fox and Spidey sold X-Men Sony. Nobody wanted Avangard. I think that branch managers suffer herself. He is now buying Disney Fox, X-Men and Deadpool again with Marvel. Sony and Disney have begun to work together with Spider-Man, but after the trilogy is over, this agreement will be closer.

Sony wants Sony's greed and Spidey, but Sony's executive director, Amy Pascal, wants to stay on the wall-tester in MCU. "I think about crying," said Pascal admiring fair Spidey questioned about leaving the MCU. "I only hope for the future to work in the future, and I know Kevin [Feige, Marvel Studios producer] because it was [Avi Arad’s] very, very quiet assistant who listened to us for many years, sat in that room and was far more intelligent than any other. I can say that working with Marvel was one of the most important moments in my career. " Relationships between Fajd and Pascal have made the deal between Disney and Sony a broker but has increased the demand for movies, for example, Sony Far from home In 2019, it hit the Disney plan to save the "dead" details of the Avant.