Tuesday , August 16 2022

SpaceX launch CANCELED: Elon Musk SpaceX rocket blast several hours before launch


AO-A: The mission, called SmallSat Express, envisages the launch of 64 small satellites, and also offers Muscat, who strives to colonize other planets from Mars, as well as re-launch a long-term missile. and endurance. The rocket is expected to be boosted by 1.31pm EST (6.31pm GMT) before landing at Vendenberg Air Force Base in California. However, the company Tweeting wrote: "Spaceflight SSO-A on the Vendenberg Air Force is a barrier-free operation on Wednesday, due to the high wind demand.

"Vehicles and useful minerals are useful. We are pleased to announce the launch of the new flight after the rugged confirmation. «

The 30th space wing of Vandenberg reported that the plane was confirmed at Facebook: "SpaceX Falcon 9 SSO-A was delayed because of the weather."

The second delay in this mission was postponed on November 19, "additional inspection before the aircraft".

If the company finally succeeds, it has for the first time identified Musa's first-ever rocket and landed three times, and is also the largest mission for the American missile launch.

The SpaceX website describes Falcon 9 as a "two-stage rocket", released and released by SpaceX, into orbit for satellites and dragon spacecraft safely and safely.

He says: "Falcon 9 is the first orbital rocket launcher. SpaceX believes space launch is a major achievement of reducing the cost of space access and reuse of rockets that allow people to live on other planets. "

Falcon 9 In 2012, the spacecraft launched into the right orbit for a meeting with the International Space Station, which made SpaceX the first commercial company to go to the station.

The company said: "Since then, Falcon 9 has traveled extensively to space, has carried out spacecraft into orbit, and delivered and returned cargoes from the NASA space station.

"Falcon 9, together with the Dragon spacecraft, is designed to deliver space to people in space, and SpaceX, by agreement with NASA, is working to this end."

Speaking in May, Mus: "I think that Falcon 9 will be the most used rocket in the world in 2017.

"If everything is OK – a big deal – SpaceX will open more rockets in 2018 than any other country".

In 2019, SpaceX plans to launch the Falcon 9 mission, landing the amplifier and testing it and launch it within 24 hours.

SpaceX has successfully launched more than 50 missions on Falcon 9 since 2010.

Mr. Bush said: "Last year, we have only five missions of orbital class up to now.

"Last year, we have to set twice the speed, which has a record rate."

Muskus hopes to conquer the Red Plane in the future and has characterized his plan as "backup" for mankind during the Third World War.

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