Tuesday , November 24 2020

Spryfield kills bad neighbors Local | News

On Friday night, during the shooting, the residents of the quiet Spryfield district were alarmed and worried.

"It's very bad," said the resident of Klovis Avenue, murder. "Fear is right. We are old people, and most of the people in the streets are older people, and we do not want it all. "

Halifax's regional police responded to a weapon call at Clovis Avenue on Friday at 9 pm. A 25-year-old man died after being hospitalized. At present, the names of the dead remain. Saturday afternoon is unclear.

According to investigators, the victim was shot in the residence of a victim and several people were involved in the crime.

A couple of boys and two children were living in a nearby three-storied building on the outskirts of the house.

"They were good neighbors. They have always honored me and all the neighbors on the street. "

According to his predecessor, tenants are currently living in a place where they have committed crimes of five or more years and that they may be related to drug addiction.

While at an early stage of the investigation, police did not consider it a casual shooting. Internal crime investigators and forensic experts were on the scene on Saturday afternoon, and the police continued to interview witnesses.

"It was scary, and I was scared to see all the police cars," said a woman who escaped from the house of Klovis Avenue.

"We do not know anything. We heard what happened and that is so. We saw the arrival of the police.

Ann Marie Lindley goes straight to the crime scene and lives in duplex. Lindley said that she had played online slide games late last night, but her husband said that she had been silent for some time before the police arrived.

"I think of my own business," Lindley decided. "I was surprised, of course, I was interested in being here locally. My husband says that he has heard a noise.

Lindley, seeing the police jacket, said that she was in the middle of the night, and when she was in bed, she saw the courthouse enter the building.

"I did not meet people or greet them there."

Lindley decides that Clovis Avenue, which has existed since 2000, is "very quiet".

Clovis is a short housing estate near the Spryfield Sobeys, located on the shores of Lake Williams on the Errint Kow Road.

"I do not know what happened there, obviously, very important," Lindley said.

The crime scene is a 10-foot-long building with an open door to the front door of brown vinyl. Each step and the big yard have identification marks on sensory police certificates on Saturday. Before the house, the brush stuck, and under the roof christmas lamps.

Clovis and Crabaple say that a young woman who opened the door in the corner of Lane, had gone with her boyfriend but did not hear anything. He describes the situation as tragic and terrible.

Another man has been living near a crime scene for 30 years and has seen a truck loader and another small truck that lives in another place.

"This is the first time," he said.

The incident is the first assassination of Halifax on June 18, after the film shot by Jimby Lee Bishop, east of Georgia, and the fifth murder killing this year in the municipality.

Stephen Cook, a staff correspondent

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