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Takeaways: Canakk's loss of credibility and spirit of the team that scores his points


Poor defense does not match the poorest attack.

Anahim Daks's pop-up attack has scored four goals for the first time since October 17 and has pounded Canucks on 4-3 Wednesday in California, as it lost seven of the National Hockey League matches in Vancouver.

Canaxe has a second NHL defense record which he has scored 3,57 goals against Wednesday. Ducks, who won in one of 15 games, won the second league's worst attack, on average an average of 2.09 goals.

But Canuck's defense and opponent Daks was shot dead by Netminder Jacob Markstrom for a long time, and Ryan Getold's first goal was to protect Derrick Pouliot from failure. the last 50 minutes.

Pulio linked the game of the second round 4:15 with the strike of Sam Gagner, but made the third ball a win-winning match for Calle Cosila.

Nicholas Goldobin and Bo Croats have won the other Canucks gate, while Adam Enrique and Ondrey Casey won the ball in the Pacific Vancouver Division game in Takas Ocean and played for the first time since October.

Certain discounts on Wednesday's match …


The worst thing Canucks can be about losing is a small affair, which is not surprising when it's 0-6-1 and scores in six games.

Of course, this is not an effort. Cantwell continued to work steadily, and in the third period he showed a duck resistance by reducing the double target deficit once. Even in Vancouver, even when it did not succeed, even when it was a failure, he had to score a goal even when he was unsuccessful.

But now these costs are similar. Canucks attacked the game and escaped from a basketball shooting, injuring six players, including Bokspen and Sven Berner. They do not have enough talent to overcome their defensive mistakes.

There is a great danger in this lost line, which is not just a battle against Canucks's unbeaten play-offs, but with one point since November 8, they are just something – but what does the players do for their faith and spirit.

There was a lot of pleasant energy and enthusiasm around Canrakta's first month of 10-6-1. But it is almost completely evaporated.

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Golobin was another strong player in the early June – simultaneously raising the ice time to 20:47, when he shot down Jake Virtanen's shot and took another loan and shooting five times in Vancouver attack.

The 23-year-old, who helped Winnipeg Jets, defeated Goldball with a 6-3 defeat on Monday and scored 22 goals in the last two games. However, the 23-year-old Russian won 12 points. the last 12 games, and ultimately sequences into his game. It plays straight and fast.

As previously noted, traumas Goldobin has a key role and it is important to use the opportunity and take advantage of it. In November, at least it has.


In the beginning of June Derrick Pulio was in the team and Ben Hatton was not. On the left side of the Canucks defense, only Alexei Edler's whistle chain guarantees the time to play, but only one of them.

However, Pulic's goal against the duck was equal to the sparkling prizes on both goals of Anahim. Pouliot finishes mini-2 with shots – with 38.71% share, closing pair with Chris Tanev.

Occasionally, Pulitzer had lost confidence in his main entertainment ground at Hutton. After fighting against the Jets, Harton played Anahima and became an assistant to playing, with five attempts to shoot and to shoot 60.0 percent

If you can just pick one of Hutton and Pouliot, this is not a difficult call.

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We understand that we are constantly evolving and not only the hottest technical position but also one of the most technical in team sports. Already the teachers would have been in the past for many years, making it an ice.

But Wednesday was the second chain of Mars, when he knelt on his forehead and hit his shoulder. Enrique was third in Anaheim for 3-1, and two nights after Winnipeg's Kyle Connor broke up the stroke to the right shoulder and neck of Marc Strom.

Even technically, it is impossible to say whether it is good or not. For a player who is sixth in the sixth category, Marstrom appears in these plays very short.


And you thought that the NHL trainer had little work safety. In Cansex, the expected duration of jobs seems to be the same for senior officials.

Four months after the hockey operation, President Trevor Linden collided with Francesco Aquilin, the managing giver, replacing an employee at the top of his operating position.

After two and a half years at the workplace, Jeff Studt was replaced by Tent Carroll's Chief Operating Officer, moving from his position as Vice President. He was hired in 2016 after the incentive of Victor de Bons, Aquilinis, to encourage the management of the family's business empire.

De Bonis soon stopped this work. He is now a member of the Seattle Group, which plans to introduce NHL franchise in the north-west of Texas.

On Wednesday, part of the corporate pseudo is a friend of Linda and a former hockey player VP. Т. In the previous spring, Carling, who is vice-president of arena operations, has removed a new role.

The change in the top of the NHL is always a matter of concern, but the departure of Stipec should have a tremendous impact on hockey operations. Jim Benning, Chief Executive Officer, told Aquilinis, in July, that he had forced Linds.

Sometimes in franchising history, Canucks has doubled as the President of the Hockey Team (Pat Quinn, Mike Gillies). However, Jillis's corporate rank was largely symbolic, and when the 90s belonged to John McCow, the daily presence of business and hockey operations was not large.

That's a good thing. The hockey fan does not want to see a businessman who influences hockey decisions. The owner is bad at doing it, but at least he owns the team.

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