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Team Otter vs. Koi – Canadian News

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People in Vancouver have begun to declare themselves as Team or Komi Koi, because they are celebrated in a large sauna in a quiet garden.

Dogs last week Sun Yat-Sen acquired seven decorative coins for decades, culminating in a classic Chinese kindergarten.

According to Parker Director Howard Norman, yesterday, the animal migration expert began to work and set up three new slopes with rainbow trout and butter, but the critique is still up in the morning.

According to him, horticultural workers discuss the instructions for removal of coal from the pond, but according to them, it is not easy because they are sensitive fish, and it is very difficult.

So far this story has attracted people in Vancouver and beyond, social media users have joined #TeamOtter or # TeamKoi, but one of the #TeamKoi members says "it's bad for fire, so it's all interesting. «

Local group Chinatown Today, even the most beautiful cartoons have created a collection of heroes who can carry the heroes and coats, each sold for $ 2, each of them going to a classic kindergarten.


24 November 2018 / 3:05 | Event:

Winning tickets for the $ 60 million jackpot were not sold on Friday night's Lotto Max.

However, there are 20 Maxmillions prizes each costing one million dollars, two of which have tickets to Canada and Quebec in Atlantic.

The next Lotto Macb Jackpot will stay on November 30 for about $ 60 million, but the number of Maxmillions prizes will increase to 35.

November 23, 2018 / 8:21 am | Event:

Members of the Parliament on Friday night, the Liberal Government protested against the law that regulates the return of workers to the mail.

Ottawa, as well as the small towns in Ontario and British Columbia, as well as Sherbrooke, Que., Canada, were the latest in Canada's strike strike.

Parliamentarians discussed the movement, allowing most of the day to be discussed promptly yesterday evening. This prevents you from sending a break throughout the country.

This operative search movement has received 173-13 votes, and the debate was quickly revised in the draft law on employment. This discussion is expected to take a few hours before Saturday's voting by law at the morning hours.

The Senate will then proceed on Saturday and, if needed, on Sunday, the bill, which will take effect after a lunch break after the royal treaty.

Despite the fact that Labor Minister Patiha Hyundai has signed the law, Canada has urged the post and CUPW to remain at the negotiating table.

"They can still make a deal," he said.

Hydu: "Of course, we want the parties to be able to negotiate with each other, but we have to be ready for action if it is not possible."

Hyundai called the delivery of mail as "important service" and said that small businessmen who trust the delivery of their leisure time to the Christmas season have been bankrupt if they do not quickly fix the situation.

"When I say small, it really is a little. I know that Marmalade or handmade goods are sold, this is the best time of the year, and if they can not do that at the right time, they may be fine at the end of their business. «

Labor leaders and new democrats have blamed the government for violating the collective bargaining process. The government has removed all incentives for the Canadian Post, and now the Agency is aware that employees know that they will be ordered to work next week and that they will reach a negotiated agreement.

"The right to strike is an integral part of collective bargaining," says President of Canadian Labor Congress Hassan Jussuf. "Without it, the employer does not encourage a fair deal, and workers do not demand a fair trial."

The Canadian Post office must have been convinced that Prime Minister Justin Treudo would not be unemployed illegally in Christmas, CUPW President Mike Palen said.

"Mail is moving, people know it," he said. "People have delivered their mail and online orders, which is a tactic of the rotating strike and did not fight the society."

Leader of Democratic Party Yagmat Singh accused Liberalism of exercising collective bargaining by introducing laws that do not contradict "the worst, most upright" law.

"They showed their true face … this government is not a friend of those who work," Singh said.

Newly elected members of the Democrats voted against the move to accelerate the debate on the post-election law. After a large number of voting, he left Commmona and greeted the mail staff looking through the public gallery. Outgoing voicemails were not counted.

There are six new democrats in the chamber – a small party representative will be able to speak in the bill after a quick debate.

CUPW considers the bill to be unconstitutional and there is a threat to its suit.

The trade union has appealed to the former conservative government in 2011 against a labor law applicable to postal workers. The court decided in 2016 to abolish the strike of workers, which violated their right to freedom of association and freedom of expression.

Haidoo says his bill "takes notice" from the "heavy hand" approach adopted by the Harper government and takes into account issues such as Union Post and Canada Post.

But two independent senators, Franc Lankin and Diane Griffin expressed their concern over Haidoo's concern that the law could not be constitutional. The couple said that Heidi did not compromise the Charter on Rights and Freedoms at the government's request, but said he would not be involved in Friday's Friday prayers.

CUPW members spent a rotating round of one month, so the mailboxes and packages were mass-liquidated in mailboxes, but how large is the Canadian Post and trade union dispute.

According to the Canadian post, it can take a few weeks, or even until 2019, at the major sorting centers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

50,000 members of the CUPW are required to pay for both rural and suburban carriers, work safety and minimum guaranteed hours.


November 23, 2018 / 4:43 pm | Event:

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has tested more than 2000 fresh salads and packaged salads, but did not find bacterial products in search of the E. coli epidemic.

Deputy Head of the Food Safety Department of the Agency Alin Dimitri summed up the work Friday. Koli does not mean that Canadian food is deprived of food. They make suggestions if it exists at a very low level, he says.

There are three more cases in Ontario and Quebec: from mid-October to 22: one in New Brunswick, four in Ontario, and 17 in Quebec.

Eight patients were hospitalized and one was diagnosed with renal insufficiency in patients with E. coli. The younger patient is five and the oldest is 93 years old.

Many people with many illnesses never go to doctors, so the number of cases is never known, "said Howard New, a Canadian public health department deputy director.

Experts studying patients' history of diarrhea say that in the days that most ill patients get sick, they eat rosin salad.

Controlling the history of human nutrition means talking about what happened and where they are, says Njoo.

He also wants to get something like a grocery store loyalty card to help you confirm what you're buying.

The agency recommends that people in these areas eat rosin salad and throw them into their refrigerators. The novel reminds the reminder or retailers to remove it from their shelves.

Njoo said that the argument is no longer related to a specific product, but if it changes in Canada, there will be no comments. At one and the same time, several vendors voluntarily became a novel on their shelves.

Disease Control and Prevention Centers said on Tuesday that Americans could not eat rumen anywhere in the United States and restaurants had to stop serving.

Also, retailers said that they should get it off the shelves.

At present, there are 32 confirmed cases of E. coli in 11 countries and Friday, the US Commissioner for Food and Drug Administration said: "Romain grows from California and depends on the model of harvesting.

Canadian companies can make their own opinions about selling romance, Dmitry said Friday.

Njoo also said that the latest illness had begun on November 1, but the delay in reporting was not reported by the agency until this week.

The novel's shelf life lasts for 4-5 weeks, he said, and so the agency is still warning people of salad.

This is the third stage of the E. coli associated with leafy green plants in the United States and Canada for at least the last two years.

In November and December, DNA markers, such as the E. coli strain, are also present in the US and the USA on the green leaf and the Romin salad in Canada.

Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, New Scotland, and Newfoundland and Labrador. 42 cases of colic have been identified. Seventeen were hospitalized and one man died.

The reason for contamination is that it has never been identified in cancer, but many of the salmon's saliva have been eaten before the illness.

At the beginning of this year, about 200 Americans in the United States were suffering from E. coli in the United States, with a Romina salad, but the strain of E. coli differs from that found in autumn this year.

November 23, 2018 / 4:40 pm | Event:

Alberta's prime minister, Rachel Norley, said he liked Ottawa's warm response to oil spill plans by buying hydropathy.

According to him, it is possible to refuse to buy railway wagons, which probably will not come to the end of the pipeline expansion.

Currently, the Alberta oil has been reduced by about $ 45 per barrel, due to an increase in crude oil due to the lack of capacity.

Notley has suggested that Ottawa should transport crude oil to the railroad carriages market and hedge against future shipping problems.

According to Nott, Prime Minister Justin Thurud, who went to Calgary on Thursday, left Alberta and understood the importance of the matter.

He also thanks the people he has spoken, trying to stop a part of the Calvary Street during the Trival's visit during a rally.

Alberta is likely to continue to buy a railroad with the federal government or without it, said on Friday after an announcement in Edmonton.

"We need to do what we can to support the Alberta government with ourselves or Ottawa," he said. "It would be wise to go to the table."

Notty next week plans to deliver speeches and speeches to Ottawa and Toronto on the federal government front.

He said the difference between Canadian and American raw materials was estimated at $ 80 million a day.

Trudo says that the federal government in Calgary will do its utmost to achieve the Trans-Tau pipeline, which will triple the capacity of oil to tankers on the west coast of the oil pipeline.

In the summer of last year, the federal government purchased Trans Mountain and its $ 4.5 billion expansion project, but the Federal Court of Appeals approved it. The court did not give any serious advice and did not influence the marine environment.

23 November 2018 / 4:13 | Event:

According to police, three jewelry stores used a sword to kill the three kidnappers when a robbery attack on Mrsssaug.

Const. According to Danny Marthini, the incident took place at 12:15. At Ashok Jewelers on Wednesday, four suspected suspects escaped from the truck and one of the shopkeepers began firing windows.

A video surveillance video shot by police officers to detect suspects revealed that the shop jumped into the store until one person attacked with three swords.

Another suspect falls outside the store with a broken window, as employees fall from the sword because one of the employees fell down when the sword was dropped.

"It was not right in many ways," he said.

One of the suspects showed the weapon inside the shop. Then the suspects fled, dropped into a lorry, crossed the red lights and collided with two trucks.

"I do not know how they killed themselves or someone else," Marthy said of the suspects who left their empty hand.

According to police, three of the suspects are men and fourth is not convinced. Kashagan car – black Dodge Durango, "he said.

Despite the success of his employees, Marthi decided to go to the police to fight crime.

"We will not allow the fight against violence," he said. "It is better to rescue yourself from your own property, and your life is more important than jewelry."

By the end of July, three masked men left another lorry in the jewelry store in Missisauga, costing about $ 100,000.

According to Baldeu Maniyanas, the owner of the store, he thought his wife would be shot during a robbery, so she grabbed the sword and drove the suspects out.

In this case suspects jumped to their cars and left.

"I took my sword because I had to do something to save my family," says Mankanya.

Marthini stated that there was no information showing that they were related to two events.

23 November 2018 / 4:05 | Event:

An elderly Citizen has begun another call for the loss of her nationality and potential deprivation of the Canadian nationals on the Nazi death of the Second World War.

Helmut Oberlauerner's appeal is a recent decision by the Federal Judge, Ottawa, that he has justified the case and restricts the possibility of appeal.

Attackers at the Ottawa, 94, Waterloo, Otto, refused to discuss weekly appeals of the week, so the legal framework for their actions was not clear.

However, the letter to the court explained that the federal government opposed this request. The letter will then be forwarded to the Court of Appeal for appeal in the Federal Court of Appeal.

Born in Canada in 1954 and six years later, citizen of Ukraine, Oberlander, was forced to join the Einsatzkommando 10a, a member of the Nazi death squad, who was 10 years old. The team was responsible for killing about 100,000 people, mostly Jews.

In June 2017, the government tried to stop deporting the citizenship of a retired entrepreneur for the fourth time in the mid-90s.

Earlier this month, a federal judge, Michael Fellan, wanted the ruling to be reasonable when the government lost Oberlerder's citizenship. Although there was no evidence that Pellan Oberlömer was involved in any kind of cruelty, he found that his actions during the war were wrong.

"Olandlander refused to conceal financial incidents, either through a false representation of Canadian citizenship or by making a statement of non-participation in the SS during their immigration screening," wrote Pelllan. "There is no doubt that this can lead to a denial of citizenship."

Also, Feljan refused to confirm the importance of the "general significance" that would allow Oberlömer to bring the importance of the decision into immigration law.

Owener still can rely on the federal appellate court to hear the case on an immigration law, but the Supreme Court listens only part of the cases decided by the federal court.

In September, immigration minister Ahmed Hussen said Canada should never be "a safe haven for those convicted of crimes of war crimes and crimes against humanity."

November 23, 2018 / 12:19 pm | Event:

After seeing Santa Claus on the snow in Santa Fe, Santa Claus, Santa Claus became familiar with each other.

Jason White says dozens of Caribbean herd on the Trans-Canada highway, and light on snow at Deer Lake in the morning.

"We usually see a lot of buttocks, but this is my first caribbean, especially in cattle," he said Friday morning.

The concept of the ice blocks was a delivery driver for Bay South, captured the image of the herd, and sent it to Facebook so she could show her children, especially her youngest son of two.

In the middle of Friday, the video was viewed 3,800 times in social media.

According to White, Santa Cun deer might be lost on the west coast of Newfoundland.

"It seems to me that I have three children, and the youngest is two years old, so Christmas is brought up again, so when I see them, I say," Oh, my dear, that's a video. "

He also noted that at the time there was no other movement, so it was close.

According to her, a little boy was happy to watch the video.

"When I came home from home, I had to play with him last night."

White said he was deeply impressed by the reaction to the video, and some local parents were convinced that their children would show it.

"Many people tell their children that they should be good, because Santa is near … his deer is here.

November 23, 2018 / 9:19 AM | Event:

According to the Rescue Corps, strikes that hit the Canadian post have led to a decline in charity in the midst of a very important holiday season.

John McAllister, a charity representative, usually receives a large number of charitable inspections in November and December, but this year's envelope thickness is smaller.

McAlister blames email strikes for a 40 percent reduction in the number of charity direct mail programs.

Breaks on the post service appeared on October 22, when members of the Canadian Mailmakers Union began rolling back to fulfill their contract terms.

Task action caused the backlog and accumulation of mails and packages that were not stored in mailboxes.

According to Makalists, charity assistance will help 1.7 million people annually.

23 November 2018 / 7:05 | Event:

Pending Canada Post Officers have closed the mail in Ottawa today because the Assembly has adopted laws to force them to work.

It is aimed at turning the strikes of small towns in Astana, Ontario and British Columbia, as well as the Sherbrook, Que., Canadian Postal Association.

Members of the Canadian Postal Staff Union went on strike for a month, causing large mailboxes and packages in the mail.

On Thursday, Labor Minister Patih Haidu presented a draft law on the abolition of mail across the country, but a discussion was held to give time to a special intermediary to resolve the issue.

According to Haidu, the Liberal Government has put forward legislation after all options have been exhausted, which is responsible for all Canadian and business-controlled businesses.

According to the Canadian post, it can take a few weeks, or even until 2019, at the major sorting centers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

22 November 2018 / 7:20 | Event:

Демократиялық партияның лидері Ягмэт Сингх ақпан айының басында Британ Колумбия қауымдастығында орын алу мүмкіндігін алды – Брамптонның (Ont.

Либерал Радж Греваль бейсенбіде Brampton East компаниясының депутаты болып тағайындалмағанын мәлімдеді, бұл анықталмаған «жеке және медициналық себептерге байланысты». Партияның қарсыласы Марк Голланд Грвалдың орнынан түсуі дереу тиімді екенін айтты.

In the beginning of the new year, liberal insiders, Prime Minister Justin Trudo, has been surprised by the fact that three factions, namely Singh, are already calling for South Bungey, which was already nominated for the beginning of February.

Brampton East can now be added to the registry very well.

The trudo is also BK the same day. Монреальдік Либералдық Парламент депутаты Никола Ди Иорио 22 қаңтарда босатылған алтыншы жаттығу, қазан айына жоспарланған жалпы сайланғанға дейін өкілдігі жоқ.

Синх өткен жылдың күзінде НПД көшбасшысы болып сайланған кезде, ол Бонгстон штатында федерацияға барғысы келетінін айтты, ол он алты жыл бойы Онтариодағы заң шығарушы органға ұсынған және қазіргі уақытта ағасы Гурратанмен ұсынылған.

In the beginning, before the general election, the Commissar was waiting for the site, but after being abducted as a leader, he was put under pressure to enter the house as soon as possible. He met with Kennedy Stewart, a deputy of the Kennedy Stewart Party, who has been in power for the mayor of Washington in August.

Singh was nominated as a candidate for the Burabai South party in mid-September because at any moment.

He fights hard in Singh BK. In contrast to the city of St. Petersburg, Stuart collected 547 votes in 2015 than Liberal opponent. Indeed, liberalists are worried that Singh will be losing southern Burnaby, pushing the NAP to make a much more attractive leader ahead of the next autumn general elections.

22 қараша 2018 / 2:44 с | Оқиға:

Бейсенбі күні Манитоба судьясы өзінің бұрынғы әйелі мен екі заң фирмасына хатшы жіберіп, 10 жыл бойы шартты түрде мерзімінен бұрын босату мүмкіндігімен түрмеде өмір сүруге үкім шығарды.

Осы жылдың басында төрт адам өлтірілу әрекеттеріне сотталған Guido Amsel, бұрынғы әйелінің өміріне бұрынғы әрекеті үшін тағы 12 жылға сотталды.

Амсел, 52 жаста, 2015 жылдың жазында бұрынғы әйелі Ириске және оны ұсынған екі Виннипег адвокатына хат жіберді.

Апаттардың бірі жарылып, оң қолын жоғалтқан адвокат Мария Митусистің ауыр жарақатына ұшырады.

Жарылыстың физикалық әсері көп жағдайда Митусис ханым үшін, оның айтуынша, ол кез келген сәтте ұстанатын жолдарға байланысты өзгеріп отырады », – деді провинциялық соттың төрешісі Трейси Лорд.

Амселдің жоспары есептеліп, суық ақыл-кеңеспен орындалды, – деді Лорд. Ол басқалардың өмірі мен қауіпсіздігіне ешкімнің бағынбайтындығын көрсетті.

Әмель өз сотының барысында өзінің бұрынғы әйелі мен басқа адамдармен белгілегенін куәландырып, оған қарсы дәлелдер келтірілген.

Мырза мырза Амсель жауапты емес немесе көптеген адамдарға қауіп төндіретін шабуылдар үшін ешқандай өкініш білдірмеді.

Сонымен қатар, ол осы құқық бұзушылықтар үшін жауапкершілікті басқа адамдарға орналастыруға тырысты және сот төрелігі жүйесінің барлық деңгейлерінде жемқорлық туралы мәлімдейді ».

2013 жылдың желтоқсанында Виннипегтің солтүстік-шығысында орналасқан Амалдың бұрынғы әйелі өмір сүрген Нарол, Мба қауымдастығында бомба пайда болды. Мүлікке зиян келген, бірақ ешкім зардап шеккен жоқ.

2015 жылдың 3 шілдесінде Митоис апатқа ұшыраған бомба жазу құрылғысына орналастырылды. Оған қоса жазбада оған жарылысты жіберетін Enter батырмасын басу туралы нұсқау берілді.

Келесі күндерде тағы екі бомба табылды – екіншісі Амсельдің бұрынғы әйелі мен адвокат Джордж Орлеге жіберілді. Жарылғыш заттарды полиция ұстады.

«Г – ханым Митоис және г – н Орл, адвокат ретінде, өз міндеттерін орындауға ғана болды, – дейді мырзалар.

«Әділеттілік жүйесінде өздерінің кәсіби жауапкершіліктерін тиісті түрде орындауды амсель мырзаның бұрынғы әйелі туралы ойлаған тұжырымдамасына сəйкес келтіруі жəне бұрмалауы əкелді жəне оларды тек жеке вендеттеу ретінде сипаттауға болады. «

Айыптауға қатысқан, бірақ кейіннен түсініктеме беруден бас тартқан Митусис, осы жылдың басында Амсельдің әрекеті қорқақ болғаны туралы сот алдында сөйледі. Оның айтуынша, ол сотталғаннан кейін, ол өз өмірімен жүріп, жұмысқа қайта оралып, Амселді артынан тастайды.

«Осыдан кейін, мен оны ұмытпаймын, ол менің санамды жоғалтады».

Толығырақ Канада жаңалықтары

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