Monday , June 5 2023

"Thank you, next": Ariane Grand closed Pierre Morgan due to sexuality of women


Ariane Grand and Pierce Morgan appeared on the Twitter headline after commenting on how they would use their sexual relationships with British television journalists.

On Wednesday, 53-year-old British girl was scratched off when the Little Mix photoshooted the image. The photo was designed to overcome body positives, but Morgan changed the concept from the American Dixie Chicks group and claimed that he "used sex to sell records."

The television hero, Ellen DeGeneres, was also involved in the "hypocrisy of modern feminism" because the comedy has been used by men for the International Men's Day show.

Grandma's mother, Joan, quickly said to Morgan: "To be honest, your mother did not teach you anything, and if you can not say anything, do not say it! he is offended, he is an angel, he has been mixed up today, have you ever heard about charity?

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Today there is no Pierre Morgans in the Grand Prix of Ariana.


Today there is no Pierre Morgans in the Grand Prix of Ariana.

When Morgan returns, her mother tells him that he is always learning to speak.

"Ellen's hypocrite person," he wrote on Twitter. "As for a small island, I prefer to use their talent to sell notes rather than to your nakedness."

Grandma 25: "Ellen is a wonderful and kind person, I always use my talent and my sexuality because my wife can be both sexy and talented, delicate and worthy, this is our choice.

"We treat people with understanding," he said.

The last line on the tweet is a link to the last single of Grande, called "Invitation U", "Next." It was released earlier this month and is named after former singer McMillan.

Morgan responded quickly. "Hello, Ariane! You will hear soon after your mates, of course, women can do what they like, but if they use nude to sell impressive recordings to younger guys, all thanks to you, but thank you.

The Grand replied, "I realize that there are other ways in which young, beautiful, successful women think you are more important than testing them. or what's left of it?

The Grand has also placed Morgan advertising Burger King half-naked. He wrote: "If he does it right, is that right?"

Then Morgan called Grande "like a woman".

"We can bring both our mothers," he said.

But none of the pop-stars has ever been, once again "thank you, ahead" whispered. He then released a musical video of his latest single, which he portrayed him as a high school choreographer and referred to the 2000 comedy Bring it on.

Morgan fought for the first time in the Grand Prix.

Morgan was forced to apologize for having found the Grand Prix wrong after criticizing his abandonment after the bombing at the Stadium in Manchester, UK.

When he returned to the Grand Prix in June and held a large-scale festive concert in honor of the victims of the bombing, Morgan expressed regret for his false decision.


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