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The 17th Avenue Waffles House is closed to tax rebellion and road construction

Buttermilk's spokesman, Wafley's owner Sam Frayley, said the increase in property tax and the closing of the roads for the $ 17m reconstruction project made it difficult for businesses and businesses to drive business from their normal jobs. Freeley has 17 of his SV Location on 30 December 2018 in Calgary.

Jim Wells / Postmedia

Calgary restaurant owner said that due to construction on the 17th Avenue, he is considering a new business model with high commercial real estate taxes and lower traffic.

But the closure of the doors can open the window to the restaurant and make things differently by creating a brick and a solution for selling food in "market places."

According to Sam Frayley, the founder of the Shapira Waffle Waffle, the 17th Avenue Rehabilitation Project has led to the closure of the road.

"We've lost half of our success four months," said Freilay, referring to the town-planning project that stopped all movement before Buttermilk.

In recent years, property tax for businesses has increased from $ 11,000 to $ 25,000, and Freiley has gone to the store in the new year.

In spite of the fact that Freey's "horror" is a battle, the closure will enable the new business opportunity to prevent consumers from returning to the waffle home in strict economic times.

Sam Freley, owner of Buttermilk's small waffles, has his 17th SS. Location on 30 December 2018 in Calgary. Many Italian consumers are closed due to the many costs and the loss of the building. Jim Wells / Postmedia

Jim Wells / Postmedia

Freiley said that the cabin booths, such as the farmers' market, could handle their appearance and walking problems.

"It was so hard that the fight in Calgary was so great that we had something to do. . . If you do not have organic density in Calgary, these places can make density for you. «

The retail chain stores are several times 17th Avenue S.W. anxiety over the intense business that has come to light as a result of construction that has blocked all four roads. The crew is one block from Macleod Trail to the 14th street.

According to Amber Raddi, Director of the Canadian Independent Business Federation's provincial affairs office, the city can make a lot of effort to support the damaged business in construction, for example, the "financial incentive" or "compensation" scheme for early completion of the crew.

"It is different from dust, dirt and stagnation. It will not succeed in achieving the success of the people, "Raddy said.

Regarding the tax burden on small Calgary businesses, Rudy says the city needs to find ways to reduce the budget rather than "save on costs" to help it overcome the financial fiscal limit.

According to Raddi, a recent federation study says the city is "almost twice as steady as it is" and is "in the process of determining how to manage its operating budgets" or threaten to avoid even more business ventures.

It depends

The closing of the bottle was published online on Friday and, according to Freilay, was the most active hatchback ever since its opening three years on the next weekend.

Freely announced that he hopes to open another Bottle in the future, but do not be afraid to rent in Calgary, he says, in other Canadian cities, he is studying options for restaurant licensing and franchising.

Restaurants may be exposed to danger, and Freilay acknowledges that he is "damaged."

But he called the local business "city of the city" a "deadly shock" for doing business, as it is a "double threat" of tax evolution and a slowdown in construction.

Since January 2017, the crew will receive $ 44 million.

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