Friday , June 18 2021

"The Attack Destroyed!": Sask. After anxiety in Facebook, the suspect was detained

Last month, when the image of Saskatoon's "Crime Stoppers" on Facebook was repeatedly postponed to a postcard break, he was held responsible for what looked like.

"If you have swine, keep me," said Joe Vermett, a Facebook user.

Crime Stoppers quickly wrote: "The invitation was accepted."

Three weeks later, Leslie Joseph Vermet was detained by Saskatoon Police, writes Crime Stoppers.

The police did not say they were against the defendants.

"The invitation received in the province was accepted and was defeated," wrote Crime Stoppers on Tuesday.

"Everyone has a problem that is beyond reasonability," he added.

Ryan Ehallt, Sustainer's Crime Stoppers Coordinator last month told CTV Saskatoon that the organization did not even pay attention to Vermet when commenting, but he "jumped over the line."

As a result of the comments, Facebook released more than 8,000.

There is one more suspect to look for in the mailbox break.

The "Challenge" heard in the province and was succeeded! Leslie's "Joe" Vermet …

Saskatoon Crime Stoppers, December 4, 2018

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