Tuesday , September 28 2021

The bus route from Thompson to Winnipeg was canceled because it was very cold

Many of Manitoba's cold springs on Sunday night set one of the province's new bus routes.

Maple Bus Lines delayed the scheduled route between Thompson and Winnipeg late in the evening, as the environment suggests a strong wind breeze in Canada, at Thompson, as -43 C.

"I'm not comfortable at this temperature," says Laurie Mann, owner of Maple Bus Lines. He said that he did not want to see anybody at the intersection of the lake.

"It's very desolate, even petrol stations and objects are in the clock.

"It's a strict, but first of all safety, and I want to be safe because the bus crashes, it's not worth it."

As reported on the Company's Facebook page, customers who bought a ticket on Sundays return the full amount of money and Mann tried to communicate with those booking places that allowed them to make changes to the bus network.

"I feel bad, but you know it would be wrong if something happened," says Mann.

Maple bus lines operate between Thompson and Winnipeg, as Grayhun stopped serving in the autumn of Canada.

The route service will be upgraded on January 1 and the weather will be improved.

The whole province of Manitoba on Sundays The environment has been under scrutiny for extremely cold weather in Canada.

The note goes from north to provincial border of the province, only south-eastern side of Manitoba, which refused to comment.

According to the environment, the cold weather in Arctic, which is expected to hang in the province over the next few days, is the cause of cold temperatures.

Southeastern Manitoba and Manitoba can range from -45 C to -40 C in the north.

In the near future, Manitoba should lead to cold freezing, says Canada's environment.

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