Wednesday , June 23 2021

The Ethics Officer Sher's office advised against the MP in accordance with legislation

The federal etiquette keeper worries that the office of the Conservative Leader Andrew Sheer has called on the Tauri MP to violate the Code of Conduct for members of the Security Council.

In a statement on Tuesday, Mario Dion, a Californian Conservative MP, Stephen Koussi, sent a letter to the Ethics Commissioner on March 29th when he sent a letter to the Coalition's lawyer, Raj Gevald.

He asked Kewees Dion whether he had a conflict of interest with Geval, who invited Justin Trudo, who paid for the legal services of Gallal, a construction company executive – when he visited Prime Minister's official events. India this year.

Last week, Gwal was released from the Liberal Commission, following the testimony of the police during the investigation, after he raised big debts of gambling.

Daion tells Kusi that he will not impose any sanctions as he has submitted his Ethics complaint to the office of the opposition leader (at the OLO Parliamentary Police Office).

In fact, Daeon is concerned about the cavalry. Sher's employees adopted a rule that prevents the deputy from filing a complaint about ethics.

According to the Code, the commentary on the issue of the deputy requesting an investigation on ethics is received by the public or a copy of the complaint 14 days after the date of the request.

According to him, Scheer's office first handed Kusi's letter to the National Post several hours before the Commissioner took it and then called it to Facebook and Twitter.

"I'm concerned that Mrs. Kussi receives the information and advice from OLO, which encourages public opinion to be published after the publication of OLO requests," she said.

& # 39; In the court decision, the error & # 39;

According to Daion, Shayer's office has been urged to send a letter to Kusi, and that other members of parliament, including Shežar, know that he had implemented the code by premature disclosure of investigative inquiries. He was forced to apologize to the public about his appeal to investigate Prime Minister Justin Trudum in January 2017.

Both Dayey Koussi and his assistant told Sheeyer that they had never been informed of what had happened to other members, and were called to publish it in social media instead.

Only a week later, according to Dion Kusi, he violated the code, and leaders of the past mentioned the past.

Nevertheless, Daion sent a letter from his assistant to Kusi and summarized his lead office as follows: "OLO's Commissioner's Concern did not consider" a big deal "as" other members "and" The Ethics Commissioner did not really receive a letter confirming that he was studying Greval. "- Ms. Kusie. «

Also, the leadership team offered to abolish the national mail on March 29, with a request to abolish the Kusi's Ethics Commissioner's reference to his newspaper. The post renewed its history on April 5, which received a copy of the Conservative Statement.

Dioni Kouzy's breach of the code suggests that the "court decision was a mistake" and that no sanctions should be imposed on the basis of a council of leader's office.

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