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The federal government must support the energy industry: Morney


Minister of Finance Bill Morine Calgary gave an interview on Tuesday. He said that the Liberal Government should do more to discuss the importance of the Canadian energy sector in other parts of the country.

Morneu, who also spoke to the chamber after just one week after the prime minister Justin Treudo, and a large number of hospitality attendants, such as Trudo, protested against sharp fall in Alberta crude oil. business leaders have heard the Canadian government "support the industry."

"From my point of view, it is aimed at replacing words with actions to expand the decision on the purchase of the Trans-Shan," says Morneu. "But tonight I was made this morning again to make sure that we deliver this message in our country. . . We need to think how we can prove that in the room, people can show people that they are good representatives.

In a statement like the prime minister last Thursday, Morney expressed deep concern about the Canadian crude oil differential – a "sharp concern" in Calgary and a $ 80m worth of Canadian economy per day.

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Like Trudo, Morneu did not offer new solutions to the problem, only the federal government is making a lot of effort to build a Trans-Mountaineer and listening to the industry to find other ways to help.

"If it were easy to answer we would have bought it," says Morneu. But we do not see a simple answer.

Mark Scholes – President of the Canadian Oilwell Drilling Contractors Company (CAODC), Morneau, said the federal government "has made a great move forward" to this area.

"This industry has for some time already felt that the government did not carry out any activity related to the language used to describe our industry," says Scholes.

Scholes notes that the government is referring not to the Canadian oil and gas sector, but to the oil and gas sector of Alberta, or to the fact that it does not define or protect the country's regulatory system, which is a difficult point for the industry.

"The most important thing," Sholts said. "The small things we have chosen by our political leaders, signals and language are very important."

Federal Finance Minister Bill Moreno took part in a question-and-answer session with Elizabeth Kannon, president of the Calgary University.

However, the representative of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Mark Cooper, welcomed the federal government's commitment to promoting energy in other parts of Canada, and it's time to make real decisions.

"We need urgent action," said Cooper. "In my opinion, the business community acknowledges that these problems in accessing a particular market from Ottawa and the investment crisis we are experiencing are largely due to its policies and consistent change of regulatory goals."

On Tuesday, the municipal and provincial governments demonstrated the uninterrupted publication of the General Motors assembly plant in Ouchawa, USA, this week as a broken example of the situation in the Tribal Government and Alberta.

"Since the beginning of the economic downturn, I lost two and a half GM factories in Alberta every month," said Naeaid Nenshi, mayor of the municipality. "There was an extraordinary meeting of the Parliament yesterday in the evening more than 2 thousand (Osawa) workplaces".

"The actions of their (federal government) reflect the Canadian energy sector's significance to the importance of Canada's energy sector and its influence," said Provincial Economic Development Minister Deron Balus. "We saw that in Osh, the news was quickly seen by the prime minister. . . We want the federal government to switch to the energy sector of Alberta as soon as possible. "

However, Tristan Goodman, president of the Canadian research and industry association, says the federal government is willing to lend credibility to Morneu and his partners, believing that much effort is needed to address a differential crisis.

"The fact is that Prime Minister Arrested 20 times in Alberta since our election. And he spent a few billion dollars on the problem (by buying the pipe), "said Goodman. "It is a mistake to say that the federal government did nothing."

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