Tuesday , August 16 2022

The French student PPD has come out of an allergic reaction to hair dye


  • A French student named Estelle strongly influenced the paraffenilendiamine (PPD) hairstyle.
  • The 19-year-old girl was three inches late at night after killing her hair from white to brown.
  • He was treated in a hospital, where doctors have a very common PDD response.

A French college student says that his head was very dry when he was exposed to a severe allergic reaction to dyeing hair.

Estelle told 19-year-old Le Parisien that she had been asked to retrieve a blend of parphenylenediamine (PPD) based on blonde blacksmiths two weeks ago.

But when the hair palette was used, his head was squeezed in hours and days, and his head began to shatter.

The pharmacist has suggested using antihistamine and cream to stop it.

The following morning, he learned that the stairs would reach 25 centimeters (63 centimeters) – an average of 22 inches (56 centimeters).

"My size has doubled," says Estelle, who did not disclose her name, Le Parisien said. – I like lamps.

When he sees how large the head of an ass is, his mother leads him to an emergency room where the physician can react to PPD reactions, but usually not as strict as Estella.

According to Newsweek, PPD is found in 90% of hair color, but the concentration of chemicals is regulated since 2013.

The doctors were watching and watching the night watching the Estella and the Adrenaline.

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The experience for the Este was terrifying.

"Before you go to the hospital, you do not know how much time you need to go to the hospital," she told Le Parijine.

According to the UK National Health Service, hairdresses with PPD are safer when they are stored in safety instructions.

It is recommended that the patch test be conducted in the organization to ensure that no sharp reactions are possible before using the hair.

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