Tuesday , September 28 2021

The head coach, Guy Boucher, shakes hands with the senators

Guy Boucher has seen enough.

He can not sit still.

As his options were limited, the head coach of the Ottawa Senators sent off Sunday afternoon trainings for players in the Canadian center of Texas to change all forward combinations and physically participate.

On Monday night, Senators attacked four games against Columbus Blue Jackets to close down 2018, making Baucher Mark Ston, Colin White and Brady Tchachuk the lead.

In the midst of Matthew Thychuck and Stone and White in the midst of Matthew Duessen and Bobby Ryan, Ryan Zhingel was fourth in a row with Tom Pitt and Nick Pole.

If Washington's capitals suffered a 3-2 loss on Saturday, Senators could still deny four rules, including goalkeeper Craig Anderson – but that's not justified.

Boucher told Senators on Sunday after a flight to Colombia: "I want most of what you see in the second and third stages, and that's a lot. "We are too perimeter.

"We have too many guys who try to use space and try to use the space where there is no space. Most of the game you have to charge through the game. I like the white line, it's awesome, but we can not be a one-time team, and we've been there lately. "

The senators left Colin White to the left and met Mark Stoun at the third stage of a rock against Washington on Saturday night. They played well with each other, but on Sunday they were skating on different lines during the experiment.

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Boucher said he had broken a white trio and had to see something new, as senators could not win, and his success was always part of the plan.

"These three guys (White, Stone, and Tkachuk) worked so hard that they are watching, but we have to have a team," said Boucher. "I did not want to divert that line, but I had to distribute all my non-working items."

There are, of course, risks, but Boucher pays for the decisions made by the senators in the previous 12 hockey league games 3-8-1. Until the end of 2018, the loss of five games will only increase the offense, and some will do so.

Unless otherwise signed on July 1, Zhingel could be an infinite free agent, and he did not meet the expectations. As of December 13, there are three goals and three assistants, which does not shorten it. When Boucher talked about the guys who had to pay the price, he was one of Zhingel's.

Players do not like some decisions by Boucher and his assistants, but it's time to get around the boat.

"There is a risk of leaving the house and falling from the stairs to my face," said Boucher. "If I have always abandoned my danger, then I can sit on a sofa. Always about making a decision to move forward.

"One of the things I know is that I can always go back and return to the left (White, Stone, Tkachuk), but I know everything, if it is the only line I want, we will not win many games. Now we have to disseminate it, and first of all, we have to work hard. We (Columbus) go to the palace, which is hard to play a very, very active team.

"We do not know anyone. We do not have that. We do not work much stronger than our opponent, we are not from above. Looking at the last two games, we were the best riders in the New York Islands (on Friday) because we did them in the first two stages.

"We were a good team at the second and third places (against Washington), but there was not a time when our rival did not. We need to find a combination of 60 minutes of work, paying for the price, first learning how to play games, playing the game, blocking the shell, screening, attacking, and fighting online. This way, you get your ID card.

It would be wrong not to look at Baucher for a new look.

"The biggest risk is nothing to do, and then nothing happens that is the worst thing in my life. Nothing, Boucher said. "For me, explode, find, try, correct, correct, then reset, and define your best combinations."



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