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The head of St. Michael, the president, has become a student's behavior


Kaila Goodfield, CTV News in Toronto

Thursday, November 22, 2018 17:27 EST

Updated Friday, November 23, 2018 8:56 EST

The head and president of the St. Michael College School released the students at school during the investigation of cruelty and sexual assault.

In a statement Thursday evening, the school president's resignation was announced by his father Jefferson Thompson and Major Greg Rives as immediate. At school, it says, "promoting the school without advancement and giving it the opportunity to focus on its treatment."

"Reeves and Thompson have always supported the knowledge, knowledge and skills of our students, and they are back again today," a statement reads. "Responding to the moral and ethical challenges of managing the emergency crisis and engaging in the school community, this decisive decision will help us to advance our goals: to understand what happened, to restore confidence in our community and our school."

According to police, at school six attacks or sexual assaults have been committed.

Six students were arrested in connection with one of alleged sexual assaults, each accused of sexual assault, sexual assault, and sexual assault.

Private students are protected in accordance with the provisions of the Law "On Youth Criminal Justice".

None of the accusations in the court was proved.

The Board of Directors resigns after saying that Reves and Thompson have "become united".

RIVES has been criticized for not informing the video officers about the alleged sexual assault, especially after two days of taking a copy on November 12th. According to investigators, on Thursday, November 14, the issue of the media, only knowing the video.

During the weekend conversations with CP24, Reves offered to allow her to postpone the video recording to the police and to allow her to conduct an internal investigation. Last week, Reeves answered questions about this decision. Insp. Domenic Sinopoli, the head of the Toronto Sex Police Officer, and Reeves last week told police immediately.

Asked about the question of Reeves's inquiry into the Toronto police, Mark Saunders said that he "can not predict".

"If there are any arguments in the interview, investigators will be liable under the law and will work with the Office of the Prosecutor General, which is due to our many investigations, and I'm unjust to predict," Saunders said.

Toronto Mayor John Tory spoke to reporters at a Toronto police station and commented on their resignation.

"When you are in leadership position, you have to get a degree of responsibility, and sometimes you can resign, and I think it will give you a new chapter in the new leadership when it happens, and make sure that all the changes you need to make and lessons learned can be learned here. it can be a real tragedy, "Tori said.

At school's news release, the school's plan of action against accusation was made.

The plan includes a school for conducting third-party independent investigations, overcoming all events associated with external groups during the year, eliminating the average score until 2018, and reporting pervertive behavior to students.

President and President of Saint Michael resigns (PDF)

President and President of Saint Michael resigns (text)

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