Monday , June 5 2023

The head of the United Nations Environment Department, Eric Solham, resigns


United Nations Environment Report

United Nations Environment Report

Former Norwegian government minister Eric Solhamey and the Socialist Left leader (SV) acknowledged that he was mistaken in trying to save the climate while traveling in a business class. Newspaper Aftenposten announced on Tuesday afternoon that he decided to resign after nearly half a million US dollars spent on traveling within the first 22 months of the work of the UN Environment Program (UNEP).

Eric Solham as well as dictatorship and innocence United Nations resources, which forced him to return multiple times.

Guterres thanked Solzhem for his work and acknowledged that the world is the leading voice in addressing important environmental problems.

Solham's deputy, Joyce Msuia Tanzania's Secretary-General is appointed as Senior Officer of UNEP, and the Secretary-General seeks to find Solham.

In the report, The New York Times Audit of the official visits of the Bureau of the United Nations Office of the Interior noted that "the introduction of telemechanization measures out of the existing policy of flexible work on non-economic direction of flight routes, choice of expensive airlines".

Guardian Solheim found that in September, he was forced to abandon his professional relationship with his wife and Norwegian company, which had been working with Unep in September. It was said that some countries have been financed from the body for their health and that they are happy with their actions.

In his publicized speeches, Solheim was criticized for his extensive trips and style of governance that encouraged several Scandinavian countries and other countries to donate to UNEP-funded donations.

Another concern of the staff is $ 500 million. Although sponsored by the Solheim Volvo Ocean Race, it has not been disclosed on the VOR sponsors website or by Unep.

United Nations Environment Manager Eric Solham resigned after a widespread crackdown on over-expenditure in official global travel. "Making things different is never easy, and I know that I did not spare my efforts to implement this approach and make the UN environment more effective and impressive."

To record 76 days spent by OIOS auditors in Oslo (Norway) and Paris (France) Eric Solham email: "We can not take this issue for a holiday … we do not live in the industrial era and they should not stop the treatment like 07-16 factory workers … coins – this is a foolish question." On November 22 he will resign. He emailed the staff on Monday: "We agreed on a number of principles [to] we can work with each other and interact with each other. "

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