Sunday , August 14 2022

The most recent: China stops working in a group of genetically modified children


Hong Kong, a Chinese scientist, claimed to have made the world's first gene-generated infant (all time local):

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The Chinese government has ordered the suspension of a medical team that has helped build the world's first gene-producing babies.

Vice Minister of Science and Technology Hu Nanging said on Thursday at the CCTV state television that his ministry was opposed by two girls born early this month. Hu called the team's actions illegal and unsuitable and ordered an investigation.

The researcher encouraged Jiangxi's twin DNA to be resistant to HIV infection. The main researchers accused the experiment, universities and government groups were studied.

There is no independent confirmation of what he says. According to her, she may have a second pregnancy.


A group of leading scientists has said that it is too early to make a permanent change in DNA, which can be inherited by future generations, a Chinese researcher said.

Scientists have attempted to rewrite this week's International Conference on Gene Editing in Hong Kong, revise the Code of Conduct and prevent disease.

Scientists have promised to help people born before, but scientists have said that they do not know about their threats or safety because they have never tried eggs, spermatozoa, or embryos.

At the conference, a statement by the Chinese researcher on helping to create the world's first gene-producing babies was announced. According to her, twins were born early in the month.

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