Monday , September 27 2021

The NASA space shuttle is the world's farthest distance

The NASA spacecraft is drawing the world's oldest, cosmic body image of the human race, about a million miles away from the small, distant world called the Ultima Thule.

The American space agency will perform an online broadcast in New York on January 1 at 12:33 (Tuesday, 0533 GMT) to mark the historic plane of a mysterious object in the dark and cold region called Kuiper Belt.

As NASA's NASA commanders describe NASA's live passage, the guitar hymn written by renowned Dutch guitarist Brian May, who has advanced levels in astrophysics, was born after mid-century.

Real-time real-time flight video is unavailable because it's six hours to reach the new horizons for Earth-shifted signal, called the New Horizons, and another six hours of response.

But if everything is fine, the first pictures should be in the hands of the New Year's Eve.

And as the latest tweets from the lead researcher, Alan Stern, the team of new members of the mission,

"Flyby with us! @NewHorizons2015 health and, of course, the longest exploration in the world! "He wrote on Saturday.

"What does it look like?" –

Scientists believe that Ultima Thule (said TOO-lee) is round or long, even though it is a single object or cluster.

It was discovered in 2014 with the Hubble Space Telescope and is 20-20 kilometers long.

Scientists have decided to get acquainted with the new horizons after the launch of the 2006 spacecraft. In 2015, Pluto completed the mission, which returned the most complex pictures on the planet.

"In the near future, we will try to bring Ultima three times to Pluto," says Stern.

"If we can do it, it will be great."

As the spacecraft flew at a speed of 32,000 miles (51,500 miles) an hour, the spacecraft tried to make the closest look at the 2,200 miles from the Ultima Thule surface.

The airplane speeds at 9 km / h.

Seven instruments on the board record high resolution images and collect data on their size and composition.

Ulytau Tule is a mythical, remote North American island of medieval literature and cartography.

"Ultima Thule" behind the flag "- known beyond the boundaries of the known world -" New Horizons ", means the study of the Kuiper belt and the Kuiper belt, which previously performed something unprecedented, said the US space agency. application.

According to the researcher of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Hal Whiter, mankind did not even know the Sun of the Sun, even from the days of the Sun's formation until the 1990s.

"This is the boundary of planetary science," said Weaver.

"We finally reached the periphery of the solar system, they have been and have not changed since the beginning – we think."

NASA's administrator Jim Brenz's split airplane, despite US President Donald Trump and opposition Democrats blocking the US-led government crackdown on the Mexican border wall.

NASA and NASA's website are usually dark during government shutdown.

NASA also provides updates on other spacecraft called OSIRIS-REx, which will turn into a new orbital Benn asteroids on the eve of New Year's Eve, Breindins said.

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