Saturday , October 23 2021

The new $ 10 bill introduced by Viola Desmond will be made public next week


HALIFAKS – The new 10-dollar banknote with Viola Desmond's portrait will be traded 72 years after the movie is just off the section of the cinema in New Glasgow for a week.

A civil rights pioneer and businesswoman are the first Canadian woman to display a map of the historic northern part of Halifax, one of Canada's oldest black communities, and a permanent banknote that Desmond has opened his first salon.

A prominent member of the northern part of Halifax and former school principal Irvin Carvery tells of a "momentous moment" of the draft law "about adding a momentary moment" to a delicate woman.

"It means that as the Canadian Canadians, we have a recognition of the struggle that is going on throughout the years," he said.

"In New Glasgow it was noisy to abandon its place, so it's a fact that this fight is a reality to put it in the bill, and they continue to this day."

Carrer, 65, hopes to see the monument marker at home, striking a stone at Desmond's home in the northern part of Halifax.

On November 8, 1946, Roza Park was detained by the police in Decmood Rosaland about ten years ago and was fined 12 hours in prison before she refused to be separated from a bus in Alabama.

Desmond, who died in 1965 for New Scotland, later apologized and apologized for 63 years.

Carver said he hopes the new law will encourage young girls to pursue their own desires and deny justice. He said that he would raise the awareness of Desmond and what he did.

"I hope that the Viola bill will help citizens learn about it, because many people still do not know who she is and what she is," she said.

"In the $ 10 dollar bill, people say:" Who is this man? "He wants to say:

Dismond was designated after the public disclosure of the draft law and after public opinion polls on the Bank's website.

The backdrop of the portrait of Desmond is located at the intersection of Göttingen Street, where the salon opens a salon salon and opens its own cosmetic line and beauty school. black women from all over the country.

His sister, Wanda Robson Desmond, said he was struggling to overcome many barriers to his career: skin, because he was unable to read Halifax as a cosmetologist in Montreal, Atlantic City and New York.

The new law was first opened on March 8 at Halifax, International Women's Day, by Bill Morney and Finance Minister Stephen Polos at Halifax's Central Library.

At that time, the Bank's Bank wrote in its new materials that Desmond's living and working society was "a source of valuable support for the struggle for justice."

They make about $ 10 into a Canadian Vertical Banknote that allows you to create a more prominent image of Desmond and deprive it of current polymer notes.

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights, the Canadian Laws and Freedoms Charter, and the Canadian Bank "Eagle Poultry" are "a permanent journey to recognizing rights and freedoms for indigenous peoples." Canada. «

The new $ 10 law comes with a number of prizes after the death of Desmond for the past few years: in Canada at the Halifax Ferry Terminal in June, the Star of Glory star opens in Canada.

The new ferry Halifax was named for Desmond, who participated in the online competition in 2016.

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