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The new album of the Royal Tusk mammoth


Edmonton's rock band released by his new album, Royal Tusk, is experiencing heavy sound. Vocalist Daniel Carrier and Bassist Sandy McCinnon originally used a side project of their first twelfth epos and made it a musical instrument of mood.

Royal Tusk performs on Monday, November 26, in the Starlite room.

band1 has a new album of the Royal Tusk mammoth

Tusk II spent two days in two sessions at Vespa Studios in North York for 24 hours to write ont. album cover Royal Tusk new album for mammoth

According to Carrie, the songs were recorded for a year and demonstrated several times before they were ready for the studio.

McKinnon remembers: "It's not a studio studio. "He worked with what we had. We produced four or five guitars from different guitars. Not all the time in the world. High speed creative. «

The group had heard about 10 rocky-rock songs without a pair of drawbacks ("McCwinone says you do not want to turn into a deaf drum for 10 hours").

Producer Royal Tusk will return with the new album

The board was again the owner of the Juno Award, Eric Ratz.

According to Carriere, the group worked with Album, DealBreaker, Ratz, and wanted to continue working.

The mixer used in the studio was formerly used by the great pop music producer for the arthritis, says Carriere.

"I hope there is still some magic dust here."

The new album of the gokart Royal Tusk mammoth

The verses in Tusk II change from intense to ephemeral. How did the ball fall to the wall in the dark?

"We go go-karting and hit the ball. We smell cats (studio sessions), "said Carrie. "We spend a lot of time together, we are brothers."

McCinnon, who added, "It's a sticky knife * fest," he said, adding that the lifestyle of the group has a strong component of beer.

Joces Carrier, "I can not keep one of these guys. You have to deal with it. «

Royal Tusk will then return to the mammoth new album

His first album, Singmath, was filmed with a harsh music video.

Carriere says: "This is the meditation in the world we live in. "Pulse's nightclub inspired the day after shooting. This violence affects people and culture and how we adjust it; this is normal. For people, it only makes people feel excited and puts it behind the mind. "

"At this little moment, we were again scared, the shooting in school really influenced us. Now it hurts, and we move fast, "McKinnon says.

North Tusks returns to the mammoth new album

The northern city route is characterized by Tusk II as the most extravagant song from Albert.

"It's about finding someone who has moved to Fort Mac, or something to earn money," explains Carrie. "When he needs to do something, he reaches the age, and the only metric is to finance its value. He thinks that society is the only way to appreciate it. "

The new album of the mysterious Royal Tusk mammoth

Previous notes were gained by the sounds of "Rock Tusk", but "Tus II" cyclists were a success.

"This is a reasonable decision. (Tusk II) is similar to us, and other records are more protected, we found our sound here, "said Carrie.

"We love metal and it's super-natural and organic," adds McCinnon.

The band wants to travel to the start of a new album ("Leave without a Record") and offer some travel tips for musicians seeking to hit new markets, especially in the United States. the way.

"Eat in a casino at the casino. They have wonderful watches and cheap, delicious food, "says Carrie.

"It's just a joke before a parade … it's like returning to society," McConnon jokes.

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