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The organizers welcome luxurious homes worthy of London's Junos Awards


Joe De Pace and Andrew F. Knuckle, creator of Lulie Lux, will act as a jubilee act of 2019 in London. The photo was taken on Thursday, November 22. Mike Hensen / London Free Press / Postmedia Network

London's own celebrations come home.

The duo of London Joe Depeche and Andrew Fecik duo, who met at the West University, was vocalist Brando last year, the third with only Drake and Ed Shear, and Juno Awards Budweiser Gardens in 2019 on March 17th.

Weekly Juno Week in London will be held on March 11-17, and includes a number of extraordinary events, for example, on March 15, at the West Athletic Sports Center, the Hong Kong Cup Hockey match. He has been working with Canadian musicians Jim Kaddy's "Blue Rodeo" for 1 year and MusiCounts for 16 years against NHL graduates.

JunoFest sees more than 100 performers at a high level, with more than ten London squares on March 15 and 16.

In addition, Allan Reed, president of Junos, Canadian Writers Academy and MusiCounts Academy, also announced a $ 1 call for ticket tickets to Budweiser Gardens, Centennial Hall and London Music Hall.

"It's enough to finance musical programs in 20 schools," Reed says. "No city has done that."

The program pays for music in every school at $ 5,000.

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"These tools last for up to 15 years, so many children are affected," Reed said.

Juno Awards and Juno Cup tickets are also available at the Budweiser Gardens Box for Juno Cup, $ 79.95 (Plus Charges), and $ 20 and $ 15 plus (plus fees) office, Dundas St. 99 at or 1-866-455-2849.

One dollar for each ticket is offered by MusiCounts. Fanatics can also buy a 3D souvenir Juno ticket for $ 3.

Depeche was a musical student, and Fedick studied political science in the West and met the production and Loud Luxury. They are now in Los Angeles.

"Being Djunost is because we are children, and what dreams of playing in Giostos is great for us here," says Fedik.

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