Monday , September 27 2021

The president of Nintendo believes that he can get the sale before the end of the tax year


President of Nintendo Sandtarou Furukawa Says Recent Success With Japan's Sankei Edition Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and switch.

He says that Ultimate's powerful sales salesman can be credited with returning fans who have played certain records in the history of the series, and also hopes that the game hopes to save the long-term sales dynamics of the game instead of short-term earnings. Here are all parts of the Nintendo translation:

"Those who play smiths will come back for this; The accumulation of players has triggered the initial stimulus [in sales]«

Regarding replacement, Furukawa said again that Nintendo plans to replace 20 million console by the end of March 2019. He is sure to be able to succeed and the new Smash Bros. holiday period simplifies sales.

Do you think the switch might be enough for Nintendo to reach the goal of the financial year? You are Wii U and Smash Bros. Have you missed the 3DS version and came back to the Ultimate version? Please tell us in your comments.

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