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The real decision of Danielle Staub is married to Marty Cafrey

Danielle Staub and Marty Caffrey Danielle Staub and Marty Caffrey Instagram by Danielle Staub

Daniel Staupa was married to Marty Casim on June 9 Real Housewives in New Jersey (RHONJ.) But marriage is over quickly, and there are many accusations between Stubb and Coffrey in their marriage. Apparently, they were officially good before linking the site. Why did Daniel Stubb get married to Marty Caffrey? Find out why she gave up for a wedding.

Danielle Staubb says that Marty is getting married to Coffrey and says he can "make it even better"

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The real star, stars and husband, said that Marty would not do anything until Kafri was married. However, she hoped that she would change as she went to the wedding.

Danielle Stauab explained "We were in the week". "Here's what I do. That's not the bottom of the bottom, and I want to get rid of it all, because I thought it might bring it up. I thought I was feeling safe. … I was expecting women as many men and women as you would expect them to return to someone you love. "

He condemned Kaffrey's humiliation

Coffrey divorced and accused him of being malicious. "He turned me around," continued Stubb. – You need to dry it. He is not a good person. He is not really a good person, and I did everything I wanted to do to stop him peacefully. "

Staub was sued by the court as Cuffrey wrote it after sexual intercourse, after which he referred to We Weekly and threatened to expose the video. He also said that he had been "repeatedly ridiculed and exiled." [her] for sexual intercourse [her] as a father of a child "and would hold him back from the harsh claims of protest on his behalf.

Coffe answered these accusations

The entrepreneur replied "false" and "false" in response to allegations of "weekly". The report says:

I was waiting for Daniel in that direction. When I refused to divorce, she denied the negative attack of my children after the attack. Daniel Staugh's idea can only do things of this kind. She told me that she had three days to live and she loved me. If I'm guilty of any of these things, why do you agree? Daniel is at every depth to slander a person and to sacrifice it. Should you bring her daughters to him? I regret them. Matter! None of them are close to the truth, even closer. This Daniel Stubb is still trying to reach people, but this time he does not work.

Both go to court to end the divorce.

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